Requesting Item iD plugin (more detailed info in thread)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by greyfire, May 8, 2011.

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    I am developing a PVP server, but thanks to zombe mod, i need a plugin i would like to call "Item Switcher" I've looked through the forums but i can't find anything related on "item Id" but somewhere there might be a plugin called "polarbearItem" don't bother looking it's not in the results,
    and the title thing, please if your just one of those type of namers please use "Polarbear Items" and space it and if name is offtopic fix it. but i mostly need this to stop xrayers and zombe moders. switching the stone and grass id to = the stone id while their normal id's stay, as for zombe mod will see a bunch of white lines and xray won't hide grass and stone, i know about the id switcher because i've been able to create a plugin that makes iron ore = to diamond. but if you are a plugin developer, please don't make a plugin that just works on it's own, with out a config.yml but if your pro it's your choice to make a custom and noob-friendly plugin, i really need this plugin to work to be able to hide sources people are to lazy to get, as i can sell it with earned with Earned or bought currency.

    If against the rules, a mod please edit and warn me.
    for brief information about the server ( a more detailed report will be released after the recommend time: due to exams)
    This server is an attempt to support donations with 50% earned.
    Current donations go to: The Japan Red Cross
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    Could you maybe explain what you need a little more clearly? That post is very difficult to follow lol. If I understand you right, plugins like worldedit and voxelsniper let you select blocks in an area and then change them to a different ID. For example, you could select a big grassy area and set them all to 1, stone. If that's what you meant.
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    it was clear at i need an ID switcher for items.....
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