[Request?] Why does BukkitDev require a beta or release, and not an alpha?

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by WMisiedjan, May 30, 2012.

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    Dear readers,

    I'm wondering why your project get's fully approved only when you uploaded a Beta or a Release file.

    I've uploaded 3 alpha versions of my plugin InfChests. Basically because I want users to help me find bugs and errors. And I'm open for suggestions while in developing phase. I'll release a beta version when users and myself are getting more and more statified and when everything just works out and there are no bugs reported after a week I'll mark it as a full release.

    Now when I upload a alpha version I need to wait for approval?

    I think it should be directly available for trusted uploaders like me. And not get approved 10 times.

    This is just a simple complaint / request that I hope you guys will take into consideration.
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    All files, whether they be an Alpha, Beta, or Release get approved using the same process. The file gets checked over and approved by our staff of highly trained individuals.

    While we may look into an automatic approval system in the future, at this point in time we believe checking over each project, and each file for each project, is the best course of action to keep our community safe.

    I see your project InfChests on dev.bukkit.org, and I see the previous two files for it have been approved, while the file you just uploaded has not been approved yet. Considering your file was just uploaded 30 minutes ago, I do not see an issue with our approval process.
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    Oh I didn't know all the plugins are actually being checked all the time. I thought that it needed a one time approval for beta or releases.

    It's a kind of good service you're offering to downloaders :D
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