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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by roracle, Nov 18, 2014.

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    Plugin category: Fun/Teleportation

    Suggested name: VortexManipulator

    What I want: "Vortex manipulator. Cheap and nasty time travel. Very bad for you. I'm trying to give it up."

    Travel like Jack Harkness or River Song from Doctor Who! Have the Vortex Manipulator in your hand, put in your desired location, and GO!

    Crafting should be a little complicated, as it's an advanced piece of technology. Requirements for crafting should be (left to right, top row first): stone button, another stone button, glass; clock, gold, compass; iron ingot, iron ingot, iron ingot. Custom graphics for this crafted item would be a wonderful addition, as well.

    This should work with Multiverse, remembering personally saved locations and allowing for direct teleporting to any available world and coordinate. Also having respect for World Border (plugin and the 1.8 default if possible). Towny/Faction integration isn't necessary as it's time traveling.

    There should be configuration options that allow for energy usage, recharging, and other things. The various features should use different levels of energy, while charging is on a timer, gaining so much charge every minute or so (should be configurable, along with charge costs). Regarding it's uses, see the "Ideas for Commands" section below.

    Because the device in the TV show has buttons and a lot of pushing of them, it would be easiest to have a command based system to work with this.

    Ideas for commands:
    A first release should be simple, but don't stop there. Add as much as you think you are able!
    /vm help - This would display help and commands for the plugin
    /vm {worldname} - Teleport to a random location in available worlds
    /vm {worldname} {X,Y,Z} - Teleport to specific location in available worlds
    /vm go - Teleport to random world, random location. If another player is standing on the same block as you, they will teleport with you, using more energy. Max of you and two others (or one or just you depending on energy levels of the Vortex Manipulator)
    /vm go {custom} - Teleport to saved location
    /vm save {custom} - Save a specific location
    /vm remove {custom} - Remove saved location

    Other things that should be added, either on initial release or later:

    /vm msg {player} {message} - Send message to other user with a device
    /vm msg {new/old} list - See new or old messages
    /vm msg {new/old} read {#} - Read specific message
    /vm msg {new/old} clear - Clearing "new" sends to old, and clearing "old" deletes all stored messages

    /vm lifesigns - list entities nearby, mobs and players
    /vm lifesigns {player} - Gets health and hunger of a player, possibly oxygen level too.

    /vm beacon - send out a beacon signal that lasts until the player moves

    Ideas for permissions:
    vm.teleport - allow crafting and using of a Vortex Manipulator
    vm.message - for messaging system
    vm.lifesigns - detect lifesigns and info on players
    vm.beacon - activate the beacon feature

    When I'd like it by: Time is a funny thing isn't it?
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    Custom textures aren't possible without re-texturing an existing item with a resourcepack.
    EDIT: Unless I'm just being dumb and misinterpreted what you meant by "graphics", in which case you can disregard this post.
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    "would be" would imply it doesn't have to be done. It could easily just be an item like a glowing clock.
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    roracle very big plugin, most likely wont be made :( im sorry bud
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    I've seen far more complicated things be taken up, this can't be that much can it?

    So out of curiosity, what kind of plugins WOULD be accepted and made? I've seem some requests here that get picked up quickly, and some that do not. Simple ones get done, complicated ones get done. To me, this one would be somewhere in between.

    As much as I appreciate your input, I shouldn't have to sit here and continue to pitch an idea to anyone who says it likely won't be done. I'd prefer to hear from those of you who like a little challenge. :)

    My server is going to have various worlds and it would be nice to give mods a quick method of TPing around. Very few people will have a Vortex Manipulator (and fewer a TARDIS) but that also have other uses in a way that is fun for them and other players.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    eccentric_nz Because they would need to spend loads of time on the same project. Not everybody likes that.
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    Then there wouldn't be any awesome projects...
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    I said not everybody, I didn't say nobody.
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    Crafting, item and GUI

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    That looks awesome, any word on when you might have a working jar available?
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    Partially working now (but only from the GUI) grab the latest build from the TARDIS Jenkins server - you'll need the latest TARDIS & TARDISHelper (& Dynmap-TARDIS if you use it) as well. Plus a 1.8 server...

    You can craft it, or use the /tardisgive [player] vortex 1 command (if using the give command, you'll need to activate the manipulator with /vma [player] - crafting does this automatically.

    The GUI certainly meets the "the device in the TV show has buttons and a lot of pushing of them" requirement lol - To enter text click the world / x / y / z buttons to enter text / numbers for each of those fields - you'll need to use the next / pre buttons to move the cursor when typing - check the display to see what you've typed.
    If you make the world name a '~' then it should teleport you relative to your current location. Click the GO button to travel. To save a location, click the save button, then type a save name, then GO. Click the beacon button to set a beacon signal. Click the life signs button (then type a player name to scan a player, or leave blank to scan surroundings), then click GO.

    Loading, messaging, multiple player teleporting and commands still to do...

    I've updated the TARDIS-MCP Resource Pack with the new Vortex Manipulator textures.
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    GUI is now finished, only the messaging command left to do, all the others are done.

    Check the README for config options, perms and command usage, or use the /vmh command in-game.
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