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    Hello everyone, I will be having a couple of plugin requests lately. I am opening up a server that is all about magic, and need separate plugins for each function. The first plugin; The Fire Mages :D
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    Commands and Configurations! (+Permissions)
    - /fire help (Shows the player how to use fire magic)
    - /fire cast <spell-name> (Casts a certain spell with a command use)
    - /fire bind <spell-name> (Binds a spell to the current item in hand)
    - /fire unbind <spell-name> (Unbinds a spell from the current item in hand)
    Configurations: (In the config file)
    - The amount of damage a spell does or the amount of protection a spell does OR how long an effect lasts for with a certain level of XP.

    - How much XP is taken from a player when casting a spell.

    - What spells are unlocked at what lvl of xp (Each number is like 'mana' which allows people to cast spells, when someone casts a spell, the xp lvl doesnt change under after you cast spells though.

    - mages.fire (Allowed to use any spells, or commands for fire mages. Able to becom a firemage).


    Spells and Ideas!------------------|
    Fire ball: Does the same action as /fireball, but only does damage to players. In certain regions (Protected no PVP regions), the spell cannot be casted at all.

    Fire mask: Spawns the player with a golden helmet with the name of -- '&4&lFire Mask' along with the enchant of Respiration III (If that exists :p) and Fire Resistance+Resistance V (Or the highest possible enchants on those)

    Fire wall: Creates a wall of redstone blocks in front of the player, and if a player touches the wall they get set on fire (Same effects as /burn in 'Essentials'

    Fire Charge: Spawns pigs around a target, that if the player touches the pigs they immediately get set on fire, and can die (/burn again)

    Fire Trail: When casted, upon movement whatever blocks the caster walks on will be be set on fire.

    Fire Cage: A player gets trapped in obsidian, and lava falls down from the top of it. The lava should be placed around 5 blocks above the player, so they have time to escape. When a player casts "Ice Defense" (Hopefully Future Spell for Ice Mages), they can turn the obsidian and lava into ice, and easily break through.

    Spell Permissions!
    mage.fireball (Fireball spell)
    mage.firemask (Fire Mask Spell)
    mage.firewall (Fire Wall)
    mage.firecharge (Fire Charge Spell)
    mage.firetrail (Fire Trail Spell)
    mage.firecage (Fire Cage Spell)
    Thank you for reading my plugin request. Hopefully some of you can make it!

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    Why was I tagged o.0
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    "Need a Dev or Help" PM Me"
    I knew you coded plugins, and you wanted to help with my first request, so I tagged you. I thought you might be able to/want to help code this plugin or code the plugin? I don't know, maybe you don't even care. But I tagged you because I hopped you would help me.
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    Seems cool might do it over the weekend but anyone that wants to snag it before hand go ahead.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    xLivUrLif3x don't tag me on threads if I haven't responded to those, just don't.
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    timtower Sorry dude....
  7. Onlineids timtower But this was urgent! I mean, the title even says so! This needs to be made as soon as possible or else... I'm not sure, actually. I've no idea why people categorise plugin requests as "urgent"

    Care to shed some light for me xLivUrLif3x?
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    Because they think because its marked urgent bukkit is going to assemble a super team to develop said plugin at a speed that not even notch could imagine.
  9. Exactly what tim said, don't tag me on threads I haven't posted to yet.
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    Why was I tagged?
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    I need it urgent because it is needed on the server ASAP. And Tim knows I can't code... so I came here to ask if anyone wants to code it! I thought tim would wanna help me because I know him from previous requests, as well as Onlineids. I tagged XgX b/c I heard he was a good developer. I tagged RAFA b/c I heard he was good too, and I just wanted some people I heard about/ already knew to help me
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    A general rule is that marking plugins "URGENT" will only get you decreased priority.
    Another rule of thumb is not to tag random people, and instead wait for people who are actually interested in doing the plugin to reply of their own choice.
  13. I'm not good xD at all dude, I suck at coding. In a scale of 1 to Bad, I'm horrible at this.
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    Thats not what I hear :( Don't beat yourself up.
    Thanks for the advice! Sorry to everyone, I just tagged people I knew/Heard was good at programming. I never really thought It would become a real problem, but now I know better. Forgive and Forget, right?
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    Bump, And could really use someone to code this D:
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    I might code a plugin combining mage's like fire ice ect any idea for a good name?
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    FT-Mages <--- The Name
    If Possible, add These into the plugin:

    Ice Mages (Ice Magic <Along with Permission Codes)

    Fire Mages (Fire Magic <Along with Permission Codes)

    Water Mages (Water Magic <Along with Permission Codes)

    Lightning Mages (Lightning Magic <Along with Permission Codes)

    Requip Mages (They spawn in armor and weapons <Along with Permission Codes)

    Wind Mages (Magic that allows the person to SORTA Fly, and move people and animals (Look at minecraft TLA and use airbending Basically <Along with Permission Codes)

    Weather Mages (Manipulate Weather, Along with elements of the weather)
    ==-More Will Be Added In Time, But These Are the BASIC ONES That I wanted Implemented, If Possible-==

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