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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by John Tam, Oct 29, 2013.

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    John Tam

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    I've been looking around for a plugin that gives you random items after opening it, but can't seem to find one that fits my requirement. So I'm here to see if anybody is willing to make a plugin that I think is small.

    What type of plugin is it?
    Allow players to buy a "basket" which they can then open having random items in it such as a diamond pickaxe, stone, etc. The random items should be configurable in the config.yml or prize.yml file. Player should be able to "/<command> open" the basket revealing random items into their inventory.

    Commands needed:
    I would like to have the plugin call "Horn of Plenty" - so having the base command /hop or /hornofplenty would be nice.
    • /hop open - (for all players)
    • /hop balance - (or /hop bal - for all players)
    • /hop help - (for all players)
    • /hop add <player> <amount> - (for admin/OP purpose only)
    • /hop buy <amount> - (for all players)
    Commands that would be appreciated:
    While I think every plugin should have some of these commands, it is not needed, but would be appreciated if added.
    • /hop reload - (To reload the config.yml)
    • /hop reload <file name> - (ONLY necessary if the prize settings are in another file. Not needed if the prize settings and other major settings are in the config.yml)
    • /hop give <player> <amount> - (To give some of their baskets to other friends/players)
    Necessary stuff in the Config.yml and plugin:
    • Allow me to create different "rewards" with multiple items per reward
    • Allow me to create as many "rewards" as possible
    • Ability to set a percentage rate or "chance" of getting a certain reward.
      • Example: Reward 1 has a 10% chance of getting it. Reward 2 has a 30% chance of getting it, etc.
    • Ability to allow users to win enchanted items as well such as a Diamond Pickaxe with Silk Touch
    Plugin database type:
    While MySQL is preferred, it is not necessary. A simple sqlite or other file based database is fine.

    Other necessary/appreciated stuff:
    • A message.yml would be nice so I can change the wording if necessary in the plugin
    • Permissions would be great - As it will be needed for the "/hop add" and "/hop reload" command
    • The plugin must be customizable of course in the configuration.
    • Allow players to not only win items, but also money and XP
    While what I describe above seems a lot, I feel like the plugin in a nutshell is not -too- big of a plugin compared to others. But I will let you decide. Overall, the plugin basically lets you buy a "basket" or "box" that has a surprise in it. When you open it, random stuff (configured in the config.yml) will be added to your inventory.

    Since the forum does not allow me to offer a price - we can negotiate via email/PM if needed.
    If you have any questions about this plugin, please feel free to ask.

    Thanks in advance,
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    I can do it. shouldn't take very long. :)
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    Hey, Im a looking for a similar plugin but for example the chest contains a diamond sword, egg, mushroom and when the chest opens the player randomly receives one of these items. The items in the chest have to be configurable and that there must be a command to /give the player that type of chest eg: Luckyswordbox.
    If anyone could help please.
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    Was this plugin made? if so whats it called and can i have the link please? This is perfect for what im looking for!

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