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    I have a server under construction and had an awesome idea for it, which i will not waste time and discuss. If there were just a simple plugin which allowed there to be 3-10 teams of 1-15 people then my problems would be solved and it would enhance the experience of the gameplay. I'm sue many people would use it and it would be great. In my opinion this type of plugin is needed for all kinds of servers. Basically peoples "teams" and "clans" would be mush easier to create and maintain.

    *The only reason I don't create this is i don't have time in the next couple weeks and i don't know how to program this type of thing, even though in order to know how i would just have to figure it out.

    -some kind of .properties/notepad file [ex; teams.properties or pvpteam.properties]
    -in the file make the format like
    [Team name]=[Max Size]=[Leader]

    This would be pretty simple and easy to use.
    Some commands could be -
    /teams - Overview of all team names
    /teamnone - Overview of players without teams
    /teamleave - Quits your current team
    /teamcreate [Name] [Max Size] - Creates a team
    /teaminvite [player] [team] - Invites player to selected team
    /teamjoin - Accepts invitation sent to you

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