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    Plugin category: Infomational

    Suggested name: PrisonScoreboard

    What I want: I'd like for someone to create this scoreboard.
    Image Not Working? Another Link

    I need it to work with PrisonRankup

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: No Permissions Needed

    When I'd like it by: A Week Or 2 if it's possible

    Note: I know about the plugin InfoBoard, That plugin does not do what a require it to do. Plus I have seen a lot of requests for a simlar plugin but thoes threads have either never been done of have become inactive, also feel like this plugin will be useful for a heap of Prison server owners.

    Thanks Heaps Everyone,
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    This is possible with Info-board. I know you wrote "Note: I know about the plugin InfoBoard, ..." but it is possible with info-board
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    Even the part the displays the players balance?
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    yes, everthing which was on the Picture is possible with info-board
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    Can you lease show me the config on how this is achievable?
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    this with the config is very simple, they made a example in the config.yml
    the variables can you find on there you have to search the plugin and on the site you find a link to the variables
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    I know, I have used the plugin before. However I'm not sure how to get the balance to show using "mil" instead of showing 1000000. Plus when using this plugin it creates huge amounts of lag.
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    is it really important if there is mil or a 1000000? This plugin shouldnt make lags, I tested it on my test Server and it worked fine without any lags.
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    Yes, because when we start getting the larger numbers I want it still to have color but not run out of space. This is because the scoreboard titles have a limit of 16 characters I belive.

    If you read the comments on the plugin you can see a lot more other users exprience the same issue with the lag, this is why I said I didn't want info board.
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    I think it is possible to make the scoreboard with "1 MIL" but I didnt tried it but there are many possibilitys
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    I am not sure if you want a replacement rankup plugin that already has the feature you are requesting built in but I have just released a rankup plugin that does what you want (shows scoreboard optionally) and converts the cost/balance to strings ex: 1,000 will show 1k (thousands is optional, anything over 1 million will be converted as the following), 1,000,000,000 will show 1m and so on.

    Here is a pic

    You can read more about the plugin here when it is approved on BukkitDev.

    Click here to download the latest version of EZRanksLite with scoreboard features.

    If you choose to use the scoreboard features, it will probably not be compatible if you have any other scoreboard plugins installed.

    Update: The scoreboard is now customizable! Same download link
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    info board will cause lag on your server
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    can you please change the plugin so we you do /rankup it ranks you up to the next rank
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    I Know thats why we don't use Info-Board

    extended_clip can you add a command like "/rankup next" which will just rank you up to the next rank in the list, plus can you add support for GroupManger. Thanks

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    umm..... /rankup works if one rankup is setup per rank ex: A to B, otherwise you need to do /rankup <rankup rankname> if you have multiple destinations from a base rank ex: A to B, A to C, A to Builder. If A only ranks up to B, then /rankup with no arguments works to try to rankup.

    Here is a good explanation how to setup the plugin:

    say the default permissions group players are when they first join is Guest and you want them to buy Member for 4000, type /ezadmin createrankup Guest Member 4000
    then open the rankups.yml and edit the rankup from
        rankup_cost: 100
        - somecommand
        - someothercommand
    be sure to add the command in your permissions plugin to rank the player up in the rankup_commands option for the Member rankup. I use pex so I will put 2 commands
    - pex user %player% group add %rankto%
    - pex user %player% group remove %rankfrom%

    After you have edited the config.yml and rankups.yml to your liking, do /ezadmin reload in game to update the changes. Any player in Guest can now rankup to Member for 4000


    This is what happens when I type /rankup. Do you have it setup?

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    I have worked closely with extended_clip with this plugin, and when it comes to configuring this plugin it by far is the easiest and the most versatile plugin of all rank plugins. if you want to see what i was able to do connect to and check it out when you log in do /prison or /server prison whichever you prefer
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    extended_clip extended_clip I finished the config but now when I do /listranks all the ranks are: A to B, A to C, A to D and so on... :/ And the scoreboard has gone
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    lol! You created your rankups.yml wrong... Pastebin your rankups.yml and I will fix it for you.

    Also download this version
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    Don't worry I fixed it up all working thanks!
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    What do you think of the plugin? Does it do what you wanted?
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    Yes, Amazing Plugin! Highly recommended for server owners.
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