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    So I Want a Plugin that when i do /duty I will get chain armor with protection 50,Unbreaking,1000 and a diamondsword with sharpness 10 fireaspect 2, unbreaking 15.I Would Like Permissions Please.
    I Hope That Is Now Too Much To Ask For! Thank You!
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    You can use already existing plugins for this, like rTriggers.
  3. Kodytnt12357 I'll make this. It will just be /duty and will give you the items and enchants that you listed above.
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    I made a plugin like this a while ago called PrisonGuardsPlus. It had several duty types and guard ranks and stuff built in - if I can find it, i'll send you a link in a PM.
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  5. Kodytnt12357 <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Command: /duty
    Permission: prisonguard.use

    Gives player:
    * Full Chainmail armor with Protection 50, Unbreaking 1000.
    * Diamond Sword with Sharpness 10, Unbreaking 15, Fire Aspect 2.
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    Thank You!
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    There is a plugin called PrisonGuard that has the /guard command, customizable armor enchantments.
  8. This plugin is already filled.

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