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    Plugin category: Plugin for drug server

    Suggested name: Anything at all like Police stick, or Police rammer or Police baton ect

    What I want: I have seen a few ideas like this but i want this to be different, what i am wanting is a stick defined to be able to check peoples inventories for items which are predefined by a config and if lets say player1 has grass on them player1 is sent to jail and player2 (one with the stick) obtains the *ammount* of grass. Also i am wanting it to be able to record or take note of who jailed who and for how long (time defined by config) and be able to have a perm to allow certain amount of people jailed like Player2 can have 1 person jailed at a time and when there victim is out they can jail somone else, and Player3 and player4 can jail 3 people at once.

    Ideas for commands: unable to really think of any tbh if you want to add anything that you seem would work or be helpful then feel free

    Ideas for permissions:
    jailstick.user.limit.X (x=amount a players a person can jail)
    jailstick.use.stick (allow people to use stick asjailstick)
    jailstick.jail.time.X (X = ammount of time a player can be in jail for)
    jailstick.jail.immune (makes said person immune to other jail sticks)
    jailstick.stick.check (allow people to check how many players they can jail at once and how many they have jailed and not served the full time)
    jailstick.jail.check (allows players to check how many times they have been jailed)

    When I'd like it by:
    when ever possible to be released
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    ill take this plugin. :)
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    :D sweey thank you :D

    if you could ever do this and finish it that would be so awesome and amazing dude :D

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    are you still working on the plugin at all?
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    is anyone else intrested with taking this plugin on?
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    I can make this since the dev seems to be inactive

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