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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Yiadrak, Jun 11, 2011.

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    imposible without users havin the .class files in their .jar
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    no point in this, all adding game things like planes, guns etc cannot be done without client side mods, and client side mods = no point at all for online. Also guns, Notch has already declared that he will NEVER add guns to the game so why bother making a plugin that allows for this.

    Planes though, for single player are awesome, also can be added online:

    There is a link in the decription that will take you to minecraft forums. There is a list of what to do to add it to your server :D hope this helps
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    Is there a way that the guy who made the planes and guns mod could make them be supportive with bukkit plugins so no one else would have to make them again?
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    It' s possible, but it requires a lot of work, to get the files made and make also a plugin to make it compatible with bukkit. But possibly not.
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    You can create new blocks or items but only with an existing texture and id
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    glad someone is using this, a group of friends and i are encouraging Flan(the plane guy) to make a plugin that would to that, he just cant figure a way to not need a client side mod without making the server too laggy that it'll crash.
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    yh, good luck with that, might as well wait and see if he can get the thing notch was on about, special access to the unedited minecraft files
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    Lol. I love how you say that "he can't figure out a way". Like it is his fault. The reason why client side mods aren't largely supported with bukkit is because forcing a user to modify there .jar isn't cool, and making a client side mod work with bukkit is not a fun experience. He can't get the planes to work with an only server mod because the actual textures and block data are stored client side. If the data wasn't stored client side, the server would have to stream textures and everything to the client real time, which would cause a TON of lag. It might not be a HUGE problem in minecraft, because most of the game is contained in about 1.5-4 MB, depending on the amount of mods you have (everybody has some, right?), but if CoD streamed the data through the internet it would be a living lag hell. I'm sure Flan is doing his best, and I doubt any solution other than modding each player's client will be found.
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    i'm sorry, i know it's not Flans fault. It's just the way the files work, i'm sorry it was interpreted like that. Flans doing amazing work.
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    Why don' t you offer him to join the Bukkit Development Team? :D
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    Lol who is you in that question? People that aren't part of the Bukkit team can't invite others to join it...
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    Well, I just expressed my opinion...
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    I think a bukkit plugin that required a client mod would be a good start.... Then you could use all of the awesome bukkit plugins and still use planes mod... as for guns, well they don't belong in minecraft really...

    So have the users install a mod? That's not a huge deal a lot of servers require mods... Not quite the style of bukkit but it would still be usefull....

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    I used to run a vanilla server and setting up a bin for my friends to download so they could get on my server was a bitch, they all have macs, and i have a pc, but when i figured it out it was amazing, maybe for all the people who want to get on the server there be a bin download. i know it's kinda cheating, but it would make it a whole lot easier. but as Benjaneer said:
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    Yeah. The people that will be using my server won't mind using a modded client. Many servers already require software like Hamachi. In fact they will love having it done for them..They can understand simply replacing a folder. All we'd have to do is post a modified .minecraft folder to download...That's how i installed the original planes mod.

    [which currently is server incompatible because the meta-inf file must be deleted but bukkit requires it for some reason, the client works fine on bukkit servers, ...

    Can anyone explain about the meta-inf? [edit]-i looked here: http://java.sun.com/developer/Books/javaprogramming/JAR/basics/manifest.html
    it basically is used to make sure all the files in the jar are in order.[edit]
    - So then we just need to make bukkit stop checking for corruption somehow? Is that even possible?

    Why does bukkit need it? [edit]-I believe to check for file integrity- And to store the license-which we could move...- correct me if i'm wrong[edit]

    When i delete it [meta-inf] I get and error saying i have a corrupt .jar is there anyway around that? Could an edited version be made to include modloadermp and planes mod?

    Will anyone take a shot at this? I am currently but i'm not nearly as experienced as other people.....
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    You might want to check out Armageddon, it's a server-side only mod for guns, cannons, and grenades.
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    I saw it a few days ago but believe it or not there IS a somewhat stable modloader for craftbukkit! Google it :p U can use planes mod for sure guns mod not sure sure :D
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    it sounds like Flan has to make a Server Side Mod, and a Client Side update with the new texture packs ect and recipies
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    but what if there is only a gun plugin.. that would also be nice, and i think[i don't know] the server wont be so laggy as without the planes...
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    Look on the minecraftforums for ModloaderMP for bukkit. That is the closest you will get to planes and guns in Minecraft/Bukkit
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    I've tried it, it works perfectly.
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