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    Plugin category: Mechanics / Entertainment

    Suggested name: PermissionCheckExecuter

    What I want: I want a plugin that checks for a permission node, in order for it to execute a new command. Such as, if player had Example.Permission in the config, once player executes /examplecommand1, it will also run /examplecommand2, but if the player did not have Example.Permission, and the player executes /examplecommand1, it would only execute /examplecommand1, and not examplecommand2. I will show you what I mean, in the config, below.

    Ideas for commands: /pce reload

    Ideas for permissions: none

    When I'd like it by: whenever possible

    Config idea:


    Permission: Example.Permission #Permission that will be checked, in order to execute a 2nd command, after the first one.
    Command1: /examplecommand1 #The command that will be ran, even if the permission above is not in group(s) permissions.

    Command:2 /examplecommand2 #Command that will be ran right after command1, IF player has permission ( example.permission )

    Hopefully someone can do this! My server is in need for this. Thanks!
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    Uhh...Isn't that what a permissions plugin does?
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    Okay, I have edited this, to make it more clear..

    BUMP !!

    If you have any questions, just PM me, or post them here! Also, if anyone knows a plugin that can do this, please let me know!!
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    You can do this with the plugin MyCommand.
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    Yeah, I saw you can run multiple commands in 1, but what I want, is for the plugin to check if a player has permission inorder to run command #2, so /command1, will check if you have example.permission, before running /command2, but command1 will be ran regardless of the custom permission.
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    Make a command /command1 which will also execute /command2, then create /command2 and set a permission for that command
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