{Request} Multiverse hardcore world that kicks a player out when they die and has a rejoin cooldown

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  1. Plugin category: MECH/FUN/ADMN

    Suggested name: Not sure, perhaps something like HardWorlds

    What I want: A plugin that fully supports multiverse, and when a player dies in this world, they get kicked from the world and can't rejoin it for a configurable amount of time, or they can pay a certain amount of a currency (Linked in with vault) to gain access back instantly.

    The plugin should have a neat, simple config file, and give the option of which world(s) to take effect on.

    Ideas for commands:
    /pluginname reload
    /pluginname disable/enable
    /pluginname time = Displays how long left the player has until he/she can join again without paying
    /pluginname price = Displays the price of buying back into the world
    /pluginname set price/time value

    Ideas for permissions:
    pluginname.bypass = Allows the player to bypass the world block without payment
    pluginname.admin = Allows the player to edit the plugin/reload it

    When I'd like it by: Whenever, but as soon as possible
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    I am personally not a programmer in bukkit, and i am not very experienced with java either, but this plugin seems like an awesome+good idea!

    Also, from my experience with other languages, this plugin shouldn't be that hard to make. Not easy either, though.
  3. What other [programming] languages do you know, as there are many other plugins that 'translate' plugins/scripts written in other languages, allowing them to work with Bukkit :)
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    I dont do much programming anymore, so i can barely really code anymore, but throw me a code in pretty much any language and i will be able to understand it. HTML, some CSS, PHP, some Java, Javascript, some C, MySQL (counts?). So yeah, mainly web stuff :p
    Years since i did something serious. I might left some out too.

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