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  1. Take good care of it, treat it like your own non existent child. - Phoobie

    By the way, if anyone finishes this plugin using my work as its core, I ask you to give me some credit somewhere, such as the plugin.yml. Thanks.
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    I'll also remind them to give u credit :D
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    Assist You can trust me :D I'll leave it all the same except maybe work on the help gui a bit. Already checked it out and it is looking great. :D
    EDIT: By leave it the same, I mean keeping you as the author as well as me.

    Just so it is easier for me, add me on skype.
    skype name: skyler.seifert
    We won't discuss anything in private, it'll just be easier for me and you to talk.
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    Ok i hope the bukkit staff accept this :p
  5. I hope this is going to be a thing! This topic has been active for ages now xD
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    Just To let you know and everybody else, Me and sky8the2files are working hard on the project and ofcourse will be avavilbe to the public but for now just hang on and wait i guess but the progress is going very good! :D
  7. CrazymanJR
    What's the current state of the plugin? How much progress has been made?
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    Really Good Actually! :D All that needs to be finished is the powerups and that is it
  9. CrazymanJR
    It has taken him almost a month to finish the shop?

    Could you push the current code to your GitHub or similar so I can see your progress?

    Edit: I'm going to continue working on this, I don't wanna see it die.

    Could you pm me your Skype (or just say it here if you don't mind everyone getting it) so we can discuss the future of this plugin? I'm still debating whether I should add some of the items in the shop as some of them are currently very overpowered. And the powerups, simple job but I need more information.
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    Just to let you know sky has been working his butt of in this project so he has completly changed around the configs and added new permissions and new things, etc but his skype is skyler.seifert. Also the shop format and stuff has completly changed!
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    Assist , CrazymanJR
    Everything is going to plan, I have added basically everything CrazymanJR has asked me to add and now all I have to do is get the powerups situated. All the guns and such are done it's just the powerups which should not take that long.
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    how do u make ur thread public on bukkit?!?!?!? also really awesome plugin idea!
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    Thanks! to make your thread public just create a thread and jsut create the "create the thread" button
  14. Could you post the current code to GitHub (or BitBucket if you want it to be private), so I can see what changes you've made?

    As a new member, staff has to approve your first couple posts. While waiting for approval, they are invisible to normal members.

    I know his Skype, we know each other already :p
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