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    Ok, im just going to mark this as Filled! Thanks once again :D
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    the plugin progress is going good and it should be done in around 10-11 days
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    I might be able to help. What would you need me to do?
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    I'm looking for another developer to work on this plugin. Unfortunatly, i have no money to offer but i will give u a rank on my server (developer or something like that)!
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    I nearly NEVER request money anyway! If you'd like, just PM me, and I can come on and help either tomorrow and/or the rest of the week.
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    Please lock this thread is too many flaming post
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    Yes please that would be great and ill msg u
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    If it was that then the OP would have requested a lock already
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    Sorry this is just a thing I have to point out, but the word is in fact LASER and stands for:

    Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
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    Still need a developer?
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    Just make a custom resource pack and make custom sounds for when a snow ball is thrown.
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    Its LAZER not LASER
    Yes but i cant give money for it but i can give a rank on my server like developer
    Well, not everybody wants too/likes to use custom resource packs
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    JuicyDev Really going that way for a plugin name?
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    Nah, it's more because CrazymanJR said I was wrong. XD
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  18. No CrazymanJR said it was Lazer with a z not an s
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    Lol idc.
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    Eh, could make this in a day.
    Lemme start now.
    PM me your Skype.
  22. I've pretty much finished this, just need to add a couple things (explained below), clean up the project and quickly test it.

    I added a configuration option for the laser gun. You can change the gun type, meta, and mag size.

    It supports multiple (simultaneous) games and arenas, has lobby signs, all this default stuff. I also added a stat system to store kills and deaths, which can then be viewed in game and whatnot.

    I haven't added a point system yet, as I am going to need some information from you first. How should points be earned? Maybe by killing enemies, and by participating in games (more points by winning)?

    Also, as private requests are not allowed here, I am going to be uploading this to BukkitDev for everyone to use.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention; the laser gun shoots arrows. They should be easily modifiable to look like flares.

    And what about the power-ups? How would they work? I was thinking maybe an item entity on the ground, which when picked up would give the perk.
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    exactly for teh power-ups they would drop/spawn o nthe group! :D thx so much btw i wanted it to be public for all these people to use :D
  24. Alright, how about the point system? How would the upgrades work? I could add a configuration option for them, you can choose how much each upgrade is going to cost, and how big their new mag is going to be. Do you have any other upgrade ideas?

    EDIT: I noticed some discussion about CrackShot. Do you want to use that instead? It has a lot of cool features, you could use it to make a pretty sweet gun. I used it in one of my plugins recently, so I'm already familiar with it.
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    YESHHH i want this for my server!!
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    I think we all do xD
    For the upgrades, when u pick them up u get them for 30 sec (make it configurable i guess). For the point system, when they win a game they get a certain amount of points (idk u choose doesnt matter) also for kills + participation but when u get killed u dont lose points. for the upgrades, u can i guess upgrade ur gun so its looks better, shoots faster, make something when u kill them, soemthing like that! Unfortunatly, crackshot is buggy on my server cause of the other plugins that i have so if u can, but if u cant do it without crackshot then its fine and ill think of something. Also for another upgrade idea, can u add one so when they pick it up they get double points for 30 secs like the rest!An extra permission that hopefully u can add is: lazertag.double (which i guess give u double the coins, when u get the double points pick up then they will get x4)! Thats it xD
  27. Why does everyone want to copy the uniqueness of Hypixel's custom plugins... You will be ruining the reason why people enjoy the server; it's unique.
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    btw this is a unqiue plugin idea it is not copying hypixel! its way different form quakecraft

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