{request} Im looking for a plugin that has signs that move

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    Plugin category: Signs/commands

    Suggested name: SignAlive

    What I want: signs that have messages that change, and you can config it so when you look at the sign it says one thing, then when you click it, it says something different for like 3 seconds.I would need it so be integrated into ServerSigns, so when you click the sign the first time it could issue 1 command and if you click on the sign after it changed it would issue a different command that the first one.

    Ideas for commands: There is not really any commands i could think of that make sense.. you could just place a sign then write on it like a normal sign. then if you click on it with a sign in your hand you get anonther window and you can right into a window again.
    then there would be a config that lets you say how long the second message of that sign would show for after you click, and also mabye you can edit the signs writing through the config file

    Ideas for permissions: idk what permissions could be, use your imagiination....

    When I'd like it by: as soon as possable, i would love to see this plugin get finished
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    Why would you put request in your title... Why... This is the REQUESTS forum!
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    I like this :D

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