Request for hard plugin (mysql, top10 system)

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by nTiger, Jan 5, 2013.

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    Hello, I have a request for hard plugin to make.

    What I need is:

    A top10 Times stored in mysql.

    It would have to work like a command

    /record add <id (multiply Tops)> <time min> <time sec> <time ms> <name>

    So it will add an time with player nick and add it to a top with typed "id".

    In case if the time is the best (takes 1st place), Console will execute command "/record2 new" (has to be "/record2" or something else not same as main command) just that.
    Need a command aswell to remove time with a name like "/record remove <id of top> <nick>" and another command "/record restart <id>" to restarts map

    And if a time a time with same name exists it override it if it's better then last time.

    oh and command "/record top <id>"

    to display the records like:

    Name | Time
    Test - 01m 12sec 128ms
    Test2 - 01m 14sec 543ms
    Test3 - 01m 39sec 213ms

    - Thanks !
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    so all you want is to be able to add records, and list records
    and why would you need mysql? I could do if with no mysql
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    Mysql would be useful as I could do some PHP stats online, but if no one can do with mysql, please at least with out it : (.

    And thanks, you the man !
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    Can anyone do it, as crushh87 pm me he can't : (
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    anyone ?
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    OnTime doesn't work for you?
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    Not what I'm looking for : (
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    I will do it
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    My best man : D

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