[REQUEST] Fire Resistance

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    Plugin Name: Fire Resistance

    /fireresistance on: makes you immune to ALL forms of fire damage, whether its from an enchantment, lava, or actual fire You have the protection until you turn it off or log out and back in. [aliases: /fr on, /fr]. permission node: fireresistance.use . If not possible, fireresistance.on
    /fireresistance off: takes away your fire protection. [aliases: /fr off, /fr]. permission node: also fireresistance.use . If not possible, fireresistance.off

    /fireresistance on: [FireResistance] (&8[&4FireResistance&8]) (&a)You are now immune to fire damage!
    /fireresistance off: [FireResistance] (&8[&4FireResistance&8]) (&c)You are no longer immune to fire damage!

    Configuration: none needed.

    I'd appreciate anyone who could make this for me, thank you.
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