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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Nuinbot, Sep 20, 2013.

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    I have used this site for quite some time and would like to see the following features implemented to the DevBukkit page...
    • Provide a Favorites list page.
      What would it do? - Anytime a user visits a Bukkit plugin's main page, it will have an clickable icon that will add/remove the plugin to a Favorites list that can be easily accessed without having to bookmark the plugin or find it via search.
    • Provide a Subscriptions list page.
      What would it do? - This would show all plugins that a user subscribes to for file, comment, and ticket updates, as well as delivery method and scheduling. This way, a user could edit or remove subscriptions as necessary.
    Combined, these two features would allow plugin users and developers to more easily manage the plugins they create and use. They could be intertwined in an innovative way as long as one does not hinder the other.

    I have to admit that my bookmarks are getting a little crazy with some plugins I track for interest and updates (subscriptions), where others I track for quick links to configs, wikis, etc. (favorites).

    Your thoughts and suggestions appreciated! Thanks for reading!
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    It appears you're looking for this:

    To add a favorite you can click the button to do so while on the Curse page for the plugin.
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    I know this exists and I would rather not use it, as I already have tons of WoW and other game mods/plugins favorited there. I want to keep my Minecraft stuff separate.
    Also, this doesn't touch on the Subscriptions list feature I mentioned, which is really the heart of the matter. Why is there no way to tell what I am subscribed to until I get an email from said subscription? This really is a needed feature on dev.bukkit.org, not Curse.
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