[Request]Bribe Endermen to leave you alone?[FORMATTED]

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    Plugin category: FUN/Advanced Mob Behaivor

    Suggested name: I've got no idea

    What I want: Is a plugin that can make endermen (and possibly other mobs that are passive until activated?) leave you (become passive once again) if the player throws/drops a certain number of items towards the mob. Whereas the mob picks it up and is "bribed" to leave the player alone. Somewhat a funny idea that I got from a video I saw on youtube. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiYMRmuj_zM warning indirectly inappropriate content) With perhaps a message displayed to the player when they are wanting more items or when they have enough and become passive again. (also to have the number of required items change slightly (within a small range) and randomly)

    Ideas for commands: A few commands accessible by admins/ops to be able to change configuration settings. (such as whether or not it is enabled for a certain mob, or the range of required items, or the type of required items)

    (note: "required items" means the items that must be dropped in the general direction of the mob that is attacking the player for the mob to become passive towards the player)

    Ideas for permissions: None are really required apart from being an admin to change configuration settings

    Willing to pay up to: $0 - but I would appreciate it quite a lot.

    When I'd like it by: Any time but not never as anyone would want.

    I followed the template. Hopefully that makes this a little better to understand than otherwise. What do you think about the idea? It's quite simple and silly, but I think it's fun.
    Thanks. ~Re

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