[Request] BountyHunter - Bounties & Head selling

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Game Version: 1.7.9
    Suggested name: BountyHunter

    What I want: Basically like the bounty system on Extronus. I use vault by the way. If a player kills another player their bounty goes up by a certain amount.(Configurable in the config if possible) Then if someone kills that player and gets their head, they can sell it for the amount of bounty that player has accumulated, but does not take from their actual player balance, just adds money. I'd like to be able to make signs with a specified format that's lower in this post to be able to sell signs. I'd also like to be able to configure what messages and the colors of the messages the player receives in chat when they do a command and also change the prefix and colors before the message, aswell as the colors of the sign formatting. Here's a layout of how it goes.
    Player1 kills a random player.
    +$50 added to Player1's bounty.
    Player1 kills another random player.
    +$50 added to Player1's bounty.
    $100 total bounty for player1.
    Player2 kills player1 and gets their head.
    They sell Player1's head for $100 using a sign made by an admin.
    Player1's bounty resets.
    Sign Format:
    ${amount of money}
    Ideas for commands:
    - /bounty {player} - Checks the bounty of a certain player.
    - /bounty - Checks the bounty of the player's head you are holding.
    - /bounty list - Shows a list of top 10 bounties on the server.
    - /bounty set {player} {amount} - Sets a bounty on a specified player with a specified amount of money​

    Ideas for permissions:
    - bountyhunter.setbounty - For the /bounty {player} command​
    - bountyhunter.list - For the /bounty list command​
    - bountyhunter.checkhand - For the /bounty command​
    - bountyhunter.checkplayer - For the /bounty {player} command​
    - bountyhunter.placesign - To be able to place the sign that allows you to sell the heads​

    When I'd like it by: When ever possible. Thanks.​
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    i made a plugin called bountys that does the bounty part just like in gta but about the heads there are allot of plugins that do that
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    I like the plugin, but it's not exactly what I'm looking for


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    You practically just bumped his thread by saying that, as you included nothing that was relevant.

    Like danieltabrizian said, there are many bounty plugins out there that provide such things.
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    I know, yet he may see it and won't do it a next time

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