REQUEST(?): A plugin that allows you to explode [like a creeper].

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by BladeTec, Sep 26, 2011.

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    So I have seen this plugin, MobDisguise, that allows you to "disguise" yourself as any mob in the game, including players. I also saw that they made an api for that plugin and was wondering if there was a plugin that could hook into MobDisguise and as you transform into a creeper, you then can explode at any moment. If not, would that be possible to make ?
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    Ill could make a private one with a command or if you right click a item in the air.
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    That would be absolutely awesome. I must say I prefer the right click way... Maybe with a command to activate it first, example:
    /xplode on
    and then afterwards you can explode
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    I am working on a plugin look like this but for the moment there is an error and you just have to type /creeper to become a creeper but for the moment you don't change and after when you right clock on a block a primed tnt will appears !
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    Everything you guys are talking about is overcomplicated. Only 2 lines of code are actually needed. Kill player create explosion. Done
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    yes,but when i create an explosion there is an error onPlayerInteractEvent
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    What kind of error?
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    The error is
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