[Req] Worldguard Regions (Adding and removing members for owners)

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Danoth, May 19, 2011.

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    Hi all
    For another plugin request (I'm a terrible coder) I would love it if there was a plugin in which owners of a region could use some console commands to add people to a region they own, or remove them from it. Currently theres nothing like this in worldguard (for regular players) and it would only be available to be used on a region which is owned by the player typing the command.

    Any help on this one would be most appreciated

    Thanks a lot in advance

    Danoth =)
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    Why not just use the one that is already there. /region addmember <name1> <name2> ... works just fine for that.
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    Yeah that works fine but Im after something that users can do themselves and only to their own regions (unless this works like that already?) and if so, well, thanks very much ^^
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    It does. Just give them permissions to worldguard.region.addmember.own.* and worldguard.region.removemember.own.* and they will only be able to do it to regions they currently own.
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    Yep just tested it, thanks a million mate :D

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