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    Weapon Link

    Hi, i wondered if someone could make a plugin where you could link configurable items to weapons to have them gain certain effects.

    some effects would be:
    - poison. ( when target is hit, i would loose 1/2 heart every 5 second- config-)
    - lightning ( strike down lightning, could only be used every 10 seconds-config-)
    - push ( would push the target up an away, damage would come from fall)
    - doom ( would open a huge gap under the targets feet, making him fall to the death, only be used every 60 second-config-)
    - fire ( making the target burn for 5 seconds-config-when hit)
    - Jail ( surround a target inside a box of iron - config)
    - Dimesnion ( send target to nether )
    - Midas ( turn blocks into gold . combine mulitple powers ???)
    - Gravity ( send someone flying...STRAIGHT UP :D )

    would be costing iConomy money to create and link a weapon. ( config. amount )
    when a linked weapon is created it will never break ( infinite durability )


    /wLink Create ''name of weapon'' ----- it would then ask you to hit an anvil ( iron block ) with the weapon you want to link, and then hit the anvil with the item you want to link it with.

    /wLink Summon ''name of weapon'' ---- in case you loose your awesome weapon, you can summon it back with this command.

    /wLink Done ---- when you're done ''creating'' your weapon.

    Config. Example:

    iConomy: true
    Price: 250

    - Linking Item: 341 (slime ball)
    - damage: 0.5 (hearst)
    - cooldown: ''passive'' ( passive skill, wich means it doesn't have colldown )
    - effect: 60 seconds ( how long the effect lasts - in seconds )
    - Linking Item: 322 ( golden apple )
    - damage: 5 (hearts)
    - cooldown: 20 seconds
    - effect: none ( it only strikes with lightning once and has no lasting after effect )


    this plugin combined with a crafting restriction plugin, so the linking items wouldn't be easy to get would be awesome!! :D
    you could spread radnom caves with chest containing one of the linking items within it or something like that, or simply set the linking price at a high cost.
    if someone could make something like this i would be soooo happy :D
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    I'll look in to this.
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    have you tried or??
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    Please someone!!!???
    i really want this
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    Dude. I'm no plugin dev, but i zhad some of the same ideas. Also:
    iConomy Support("Buy" powers)
    Jail: surround mob in cage of blocks(iron bars?)
    midas: any block punched or walked on becomes a gold block(OP)
    Nether: tells the target to the Nether

    Just some ideas, your's sound great though.

    Oh, my bad, I didn't see you had the iConomy idea there already.

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    yeah i just posted some of the ideas of ''powers'' i had, i too thougth about the jail thing, the nether one sounds good too - like sending another opponent to antoher ''dimesniosn'' (nether)
    not sure about the midas thing, gold is supposed to be rare so.
    maybe midas can be obtained by cobining multiple powers ??

    anyway, it doesn't seem that anyone wanna do this.. :(
  7. I could try to make this, but i will need much time.:)
    I've not sooo much experience, programming with Bukkit, but i'll see what i can do.
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    i would be really gratefull if you gave this a shot :D
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    I will also give it a shot, after I have finished with my current plugin ^_^ I'm getting better at java!

    BTW, this is an AMAZING idea, especially if it gets linked with NPC and quests, you could have quests to kill someone with *something*

    The only problem is, how would the plugin know which item in your inventory is the special tool, as you cannot add "new" tools to the server >.<

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    Maybe a new item and the item is above the Weapon? like example : Lightning Above Diamond sword, Makes it so u strike lightning ONCE with the sword. :D Like this it would be more fair and all :D also could be used in PvP
  11. I have made it that it remembers the inventory slot of the linked weapon.
    But there is an problem with that.
    When you drop or when you move the item, it has to correct the slot.
    But there is no InventoryChange-Event that works.
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    yeah, that's gonna be a little problematic :p
    didn't think about that, hope you guyes figures something out..
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    Well, what we could do, is require the client to have spoutcraft, then it would be easier

    With spoutcraft, we can rename things, and just 1 item, like a tool
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    i already use spoutcraft so thats fine for me.
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    when they run the command, it could ask them to get spoutcraft ^_^
    and link them to a page on how to install it
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  16. Good idea but not everyone has spoutcraft installed and others don't know how to install.
    I think it should be just serverside implemented and should not require to hack the client.

    The client don't need to install spoutcraft.
    You just need Spout for the inventory-events.

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    @jackwilsdon you worked something out or haven you given up?
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    I'm working out how to rename items with spout! I will not give up!
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    haha, good to hear :)
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    so any progress?
  21. No progress. :-(
    I got stuck at writing an InventoryHandler. It doesn't react rightly to the Drop an Pickup event.
    So if i won't have a succes next week i'll forget it.
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    oh ok, i also have a backup suggestion though:

    focus on only 4 of them and attach them to each chainmal armor.
    - doom ( chainmal leggings )
    - jail ( chainmal chestplate )
    - dimension ( chainmal helmet )
    - gravity (chainmal boots )
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    Hm, I'm not an expert with items and inventores, but as fair as i know it's possible to store additional information in items that don't use 'damage'. You could use the damage to create 'special' items.
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    Wait fo 1.9
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    Noth will make it :D
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    new weapons?? or effects??? where did you get this info, link me plz ?
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    this guys pro... no really hes pro!

    Notch is adding enchantment to weapons, but nothing like you want. I would try this (if i felt like it xD)

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    then feel like it !!!! you really want to, ok?
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