[REQ] Warn on /reload Command

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by 1nd1g0, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. So every Minecraft mod ever is illegal? :confused:
    Decompilation isn't illegal, unless people people make a profit out of other people's work. ;)
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    cool has a point...
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    also we are an open source community
  4. @scranner: Every dev can choose which license he wants to use for his work, so this is not true, even if almost all plugins out there are open sourced. ;)

    //EDIT: But does it work now? :)
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    what's with the stop?
    I just want it to reload the plugins like normal
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    well now its double use (and i guess he can submit it)
  7. All right, Release.
    Sources included in the jar. ;)
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    @V10lator Nice plugin but... what are the commands? /reload does nothing
  10. @Cruxsky: Any errors in the logs? What is "nothing"? Really nothing or the vanilla reload?
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    nothing in the logs. it seems like it just prevents me from doing /reload :/

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