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    I'm a server administrator for a french Touhou-Project community, and I'm looking for originals but simple plugins for our players.

    Plugin category: Miscellanous

    Suggested name: Umbrella

    A bit about me: I'm a server administrator for a french Touhou-Project community, and I'm looking for originals but simple plugins for our players.

    What I want: I'm looking for a simple plugin who is able to put an umbrella for our players, to be protected from rain and etc...

    I only found this in "MotherNature" plugin but as this is really old and outdated, and reserved for OPS, is it possible that someone can make this simple plugin... It's like making "MagicCarpet" but for the head X)

    I would like it with configurable blocks (like choosing wool colors, using stab blocs, glowstone as the middle block to get light with fence to get the umbrella in hands?), and if possible, get an ideal form (because a simple 5x5x1 umbrella is not always nice...)
    These generated blocks should dissapeard when in collision with another blocks (I mean when you are entering in your house, the umbrella disappears, and when going outside, the umbrella is up again), except for leaves, glass and ice who the umbrella will temporary replace these blocks for protection.
    The umbrella should also be unbreakable, in this case players can't get blocks from it.

    We would like it because we use "Vampire" plugin and we are waiting for "Poison Rain" plugin, and it would really be helpful to get protection for rain (or sun).

    Ideas for commands: For command, a simple "/umbrella" is perfect, with a little message "You are now protected from the elements"

    /umbrella *x* - Give a *x* umbrella
    /umbrella color - Give an umbrella with this color
    /umbrella *x* color - Give an umbrella in *x* size and in chosen color
    /umbrella reload - Reloading plugin for configuration (for example, only-OPS umbrella or not)

    Ideas for permissions: No permissions required, but available for every player (except for a 7x7 umbrella, only OPS). You can put permissions to allow 5x5 umbrella, 7x7 umbrella and enable/disable it.

    Willing to pay up to: $0 - but this plugin can be available for public and don't forget to put your credits in ;)

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible, but not emergency.

    Similar plugin requests: None.

    Devs who might be interested in this: Everybody

    Is it possible?
    I'm sure this shouldn't be hard, but I don't know anything in Java so... if someone could do this, thanks a million.
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    Well... nobody is interested?
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    I think it's a great idea, so I am bumping the post, I can't code, but I'm excited for when this plugin gets developed.
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    I'm sure this plugin should interest some players anyway ^^

    That's right, I can PM you if you want, but which informations would you like to know?

    I sent you a PM about this.
    Feel free to ask me everything you need to know, but I think the PM is complete.

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    Nothing actually, are you OK or is it too hard to make?
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    Oh, no problem, just asking if it was possible or if it was too complicated, I have time ^^
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    Why would you want this? just wondering, rain doesn't hurt players.
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    Basically a magic carpet above your head...
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    Refer in the first post:
    Yes that's basically it... But I don't know anything in Java so...
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    Still waiting the plugin for Minecraft 1.2 ...
    Looks like it have been aborted...
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    Who is making your poison rain plugin? You should probably request this from them.
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    This "Poison Rain" is a developping plugin in BukkitDev, but if not another weather plugin already included some "Acid Rain" that burn you when it rains ^^"
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    I'm just thinking about this, and I'm just gonna say it'll look kinda ugly...
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    What do you mean by "ugly", the acid rain or those Umbrella?
    For that Umbrella, the function to protect us is more important than esthetic...
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    LittleRock Hmmmm, I'd say this plugin would be good for YOUR server, but, I wouldn't make it public, because other servers PROBABLY dont have that acid rain plugin....
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    Thanks =)
    Well, I'll try to make it better but not sure... anyway thanks...
  19. Is what Scyntrus posted close to what you're looking for?
    If so, I will continue working on his code and finish it.
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    The function is here, but I need others blocks for it (glass is useless when protect to sun)...
    Do you want more informations by PM ?
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    Essentials has this
    /weather sun <time>
  22. Could you send me exactly what you need via PM?
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    Yes, people need an update from Alerter. Not for me really, but people need this. I don't to rush you, but I want you to remember.
  24. You are posting in the wrong thread. This thread is about Umbrella, not Alerter. My question was aimed LittleRock.

    And for your information, Alerter is pretty big, most of the source is in spanish and hey There Is No Source. So I'm decompiling all of it right now in an attempt to fix any other problems but it's far, far from easy. Plus, I also have school to worry about. Please stick to the other thread.
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    I know this is another thread, but thanks anyway. Maybe you can tell something on the Alerter thread from me.
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    Sorry, I've been busy for long moment so I was not here...

    I'll send you details in PM
  27. Still waiting on a PM. If you've found someone else or no longer need this plugin please let me know so I can stop waiting :p
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    I'm updating this thread...
    I've sent you a PM (started conversation), but if anyone else then "wargamer2010" wanna start the project, I'm OK, I'll send you details.
  29. The details mentioned in your PM are doable. I am however quite busy with school and all. I barely get time to work on the plugins I'm supporting (signshop, capturetheportal). If no one else would like to work on this, I will in next couple weeks.
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    Ey wargamer! Still thanks for updating alerter, too bad it is now sort of broken... Happily I found a replacement (Residence). Srry I posted this on this thread

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