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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Kiwii, Jul 11, 2011.

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    I'm not sure if this is possible with the current API and I imagine it being a considerable amount of work but it would be very cool if anyone could write a plugin that lets you tweak some options for terrain generation. Basically I want to set the sizes of biomes and the ratio ocean / landmasses.

    This idea came to my mind because the default vanilla terrain generation looks a little strange if you sight it from distance. There are many tiny desserts being just a few hundred meters away from rain forest on one side and tundra on the other (and that next to the see :p)
    It is very hard to find a place where you can build a city that is placed in only one biome.

    While thinking about that another idea came to my mind: Having big continents positioned in one big _connected_ ocean. Considering that, I believe that many people would like to customize some of their worlds; having one world with many mountains and a rather flat one, or one with large flat spots for building followed by big cliffy mountainous areas to be explored. :D
    Just to give some examples.

    I believe this Idea has much potential but I don't know if it is actually possible and if it is I am not the right one for that task. So, hands up, brave developers!
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    I'm also very interested in this :)
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    Ooh I wanna haz this too! (And no, I can't do this myself.)
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    Oh, that's a feature I would absolutely love to have on my server, too! :)
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    It's a very hard job to do. Automatically generated terrain is difficult to do. Also, biomes are controlled via seed, independent of terrain, which is also a problem, one that atm is insurmountable (maybe with client mods?)
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    Yeah, while googling around I found the phoenix terrain mod, too. But I thought it was disconnected because of R-T-B not having time any more and a death in his/her family. Does it actually work with b1000 and future releases? As far as I understand the Bukkit version is kind of a wrapper? I mean a jar that is executed before Bukkit itself? I would like to use it, I'm just afraid of being to dependent on updates according to compatibility. I already have two mods I always have to patch into the craftbukkit.jar.

    Sooo, my question is simply: Is and will this always be stable and save to use?
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    I dunno, but nothing is ever ALWAYS stable in time with games that get patched its workd thus far from MC 1.4 + so I guess it will work fine in 1.8 and future, tho u dont get any of the new terrain biome features in 1.8 or prev ones I just used it to tweak some spawn rates. and its not dependant on anything.

    Just drop the jar in root and launch it with your server starter, I used it in conjunction with a chunk generator to pre make my maps your question actually does not even apply to me as it not really needed to be used at all for me now I can take it off anytime no more NEW chunks will get generated unless I need to regenerated broken ones.
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    Of course, your right :)

    That's a good Idea! I will think about that. Only disadvantage I see here is that I would not be able to //regen without it. But with a backup this would not be an issue. Well I decided to wait and see what features Notch brings with 1.8 and then I will get back to my idea and start a new map. I've to see the differences that will then exist between Phoenix and Vanilla landscape generation.
    Thank you for your help. I think this thread can be closed (dunno if that is custom in here).

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