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  1. Hi, I looked for a plugin that would allow players /tpa but it would cost them to use it? Could someone please make one or advise me one that would work?
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    I can make this for you. What exactly is the 'cost'?
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    why not be nice and make a configurable amount like i would of done
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    I can do that, I mean what is it? Items? Currency from another plugin? I need to know.
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    Cost im 100% sure its Money since you would need to have a diamond on hand to teleport or something im pretty sure he means money..
  6. I guess whatever I can change in the configure. but I guess default would be $50. And thanks!
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    You can do this with essentials.... How about read the config.
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  8. With a cost of per teleportation?
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  10. I don't see it in the configuration.
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    update essentials.
  12. I have 2.19.2


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    Look husky, he doesnt want to use essentials. Also other people use command book
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    /tpa is an essentials feature and he said he uses it in the comment above yours. Learn to read buddy.
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