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    I tried to find one for my server, but I couldn't find one. Basically, players can claim plots of land specified by the admin. They would claim the plot of land by right-clicking a sign with:

    (Title freewrite)
    COST: 2
    ID: 1

    This plot allow the player who right clicked the sign to claim the plot with the ID: 1 with the 2 of set item in the config. (Admins can change the claim item)

    Admins can set a determined plot by typing /plot select 1 for point 1 and /plot select 2 for point 2.
    Then the admin can either /plot select cancel to cancel the selection, or set the plot by typing /plot select set.
    The ID of the plot would show up after the plot is set and the admin can use /plot delete (ID) to delete the determined plot.

    Then the admin makes the sign for players to claim for free or with the claim item (consumed after).

    The plot would offer simple protection against Fire, Lava, Water made by other players, and blocks being destroyed by other players. Chests and furnaces can still be opened by other players (configurable?). When any player walks into the plot, a message would show up. For example:

    You entered a plot (ID: 1) claimed by Hyphe.

    It would, of course, need Permissions support to prevent players to do stuff.

    plot.* for creating plots, deleting plots, and get plots. (for admins)
    plot.make to allow people with the permission to create and delete plots. (for admins)
    plot.claim to allow people with the permission to get plots (for normal players)
    plot.bypass to allow people to bypass any restrictions in breaking blocks, and using lava, water, etc.

    If possible, flatfile please.

    Is it confusing?
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    CommandSigns along with any one of the many zone protection plugins should do what you want.
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    Link please?

    I don't want iConomy or any other economy plugin tied to it.

    Please consider, plugin developers!
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    I literally had this idea when I started bukkit related stuff.... I was just about to start this project on my own... Ill post here if I make any progress.

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