[REQ] [Status: Need ASAP!] Prison Server Plugin Needed! (Manage Your Prison Server With One Plugin!)

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    Plugin category: Admin Tools

    Suggested name: Prison Server Tool

    What I want: I would like a plugin that can make making prison servers easy. It is extremely hard to make a prison server and if I was able to have a plugin that had everything in it, it would be that much easier. This can include treefarms (Needed), minereset(Not Needed), making the jail parameters (Needed), pvp and non pvp zones (Needed), and any other things you could push in there from experience on prison servers. This plugin should be kind of like world guard and world edit, but it will have commands that only retain to prison servers. This may be a tedious task, but it will be an amazing plugin.

    Ideas for commands: /set pos 1, /set pos 2, /create prisonblock {}, /set pvpzone,
    /set nonpvpzone

    Ideas for permissions: Op Only.

    When I'd like it by: ASAP

    If you are a plugin developer and can make plugins such as this, please think of making this your new big project, thanks.

    Is no one willing to make this plugin? :(

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    Let me get this straight:
    You want to make a prison server with no effort
    You cannot use world guard for any of these things because?
    You are making others do the work for you?

    I am sorry, but you do not deserve to run a minecraft server if you cannot use simple things like world edit and world guard
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    Of Course I can use these plugins, see my survival server at
    I am trying to make an easy to use plugin, that makes it easy for people to create their prison server. It is also very hard to do these things with world guard and world edit. It can take days to make just one prison block, I want to reduce the time it takes to do these things.
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    What exactly are you asking? Commands that create and fill the rooms? Or just designated areas that can later be teleported to?
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    Commands that designate areas as pvp, nonpvp, treefarm, {Name Of Block}Block Spawn, and everything else specific to prison servers.
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    Actually you are trying to have someone make it for you. Why not just use the plugins given to you, or learn to make your own. If something is available, use it, don't make others do it
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    This is not true, I am trying to make it easier and have everything you need compacted into one plugin.
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    It can take days to create a plugin.
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    I know, but it would take months to make an entire prison server, this could cut the time to a few weeks.
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    Stop talking, I have been nice, but now, you are a noob. It takes about 20 minutes to disable PVP in all the stores/mines MAX. It takes me 5. It takes another 2 minutes to encourage players to replant, and to give your guards a free supply of saplings. This is not worth making a plugin for, and that is the reason no one is making it.

    You would be done setting up your server by now, ad you not been waiting for someone to make this plugin.
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    Look, I am saying that I would like a plugin that does all of the above and sapling replant, and anything else a prison server needs. It is not because it is hard, it is to compact it all into one plugin.
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    World guard is one plugin, I am done arguing with you, and will not waste my time like you waste yours. Bye
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    Thank you, you have been very negative and rude. Good bye.

    Bump...No one wants to make this? :(

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    The way I am seeing this... It can be super easy... I didn't really read what you wanted, but I heard prison, and I also saw the commands you want... I might be able to get someone to make this.
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    Wow, Thanks, that would be great :D
  16. Hey, I'm sorry they were nasty to you... I will do my best to get one of m team members to try this.... BUT NO PROMISES, please don't yell if this doesn't work out... Do you have a Skype I can contact you at....
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    That would be great, I will give you my Skype privately.
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    Would Anyone like to make this plugin for me....please :)
  19. i have made this plugin but i need your skype to send u it privatley
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    okay the skype is icheesiest
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    Can I have the plugin to please? I really need a prison plugi. I'll send u my Skype privately of I can have
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    Just be like every other prison server out there and use WorldGuard
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    But then how do you create prison blocks and tree farm / mine rests
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    WorldGuard and various other plugins.
    The prison server I work for uses custom plugins for both so I don't know about a tree farm plugin but you can use this for mine resets.

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    Lol It does not really need to take months some people can make prison servers in like 1-3 days :O
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    WorldEdit, WorldGuard, iConomy, iConomyChestShop, PrisonMines, CommandSigns, Permissions. Basically all you need for a prison server.. Why would you need to make a whole new plugin when these plugins already do a perfect job with everything?
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    Lool, You wanna someone else to do work (that will take him few weeks) so you can use 4 commands and everthing will be done. So why the f** would anyone do that? Everything is already there and you wanna to make new plugin?
    Sometimes is better to have 3 Jail plugins as only 1 easy jail plugin. Because what is someone else would like to change something. Then whole plugin will have to be changed. So like I said it's better to leave everything as it is ;)
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    Wait... prison servers are still a thing?

    But yeah, every plugin you need already exists: http://dev.bukkit.org/
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    you said your trying to make an easy to use plugin lmfao your not making it you want some one else to make it
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    This is really easy, its simple plugins and wg, mineresetlite works fine and automatically resets mines, and mrdynamo^^ had some great suggestions, I recommend putting some effort into your server, but then again, if you could flag an area with everything at one, that would be a lot easier

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