[REQ] Stackable Food, Carts, Door...etc

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    I ran into a problem when I tried to cook pork and it seem to take a long time and also the space in my inventory was filled quickly.

    I found one plugin that was made for this but it seems to have problems and I dont think the maker is updating it anymore. MECH] Stackable 0.5.1 - Control the stackability of any item [766]

    I wonder if any developer would make a plugin that stacks food and config to change stack for each food and the foods are eaten 1 by 1 in the stack.
    ex. apple=12 pork=6 soup=4 cake=2 cookies=16
    And in game you can click to stack them or right click to split in half same functions as block stacks also if the stacked food can be cooked.
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    This is a needed plugin by many the old dev has vanished.
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    Still can't believe no dev is picking this up :/

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