[REQ] [SPOUT] disable OPENGL option plugin (stop xray-like bug!)

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by fonkfader, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. I don't know if its possible but i see plugins like spoutessentials can disable some graphical options (cloud/fog...), and on our servers we use spout and force spoutcraft client use to ensure all hacking problems, but the bugy opengl option let players see like x'ray at the connexion so all our configuration become useless :( ! Please help us !

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    oh this seems like a challenge im sure i could do it screw around with some chucks ill see what i can do
  3. yeah can't wait the result !!! thanks
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    OpenGL is so crappy. I wish Minecraft would let you use DirectX!!!!!!!
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    That would mean the game only runs on Windows. Also, the entire game is made in OpenGL (LWJGL, Java OpenGL binding), so you can't just "remove" it.
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    Anybody who uses non-Windows for a PC is quite silly. Even so, if they are using another OS there's tons of ways to use Windows applications work (like RedHat for Linux, or virtual machines)
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    Linux is a pretty good operating system, i find windows a lot more user friendly but also remember some people use linux for various reasons (Open source, Free, compatible with almost all hardware). I dual boot windows 7 & Ubuntu i have no problems with either of them.
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    Daniel Heppner

    Ubuntu all the way. Except when it doesn't work with my trackpad. :l
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    Well atleast you said somthing i can agree with this time :)

    Btw what problems are ou having with the trackpad, you might have disable trackpad while typing on(its under mouse options). That gets really annoying :p

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    Daniel Heppner

    My clicker is part of the trackpad, so it gets all jumpy when I have my finger on the clicky part. And Synaptics doesn't make any drivers. How wonderful.
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    lol anyone who thinks windows is the best option for a desktop environment is quite silly. and anyone who thinks they can run gpu intensive applications in a virtual machine is obviously talking into a subject they have no clue about. and since you think redhat a. is "for" linux and not just a distro of linux b. can let you run windows apps. means you also don't know what your talking about here as well. the point of minecraft being coded in java is to be platform agnostic.
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    HP Dv6 ??? yea i suggest just using a mouse, feels better anyway.
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    I'm presuming you're another HackForums skid gone way over his head?

    If you would've read first, instead of replying with horrendous and misleading information, I said I wished MineCraft had support for DirectX.

    1.) Always use Windows, all other OS are horrid for a PC and don't allow much fast development, work, ect.
    2.) Gaming on non-Windows is terrible, along with the silly open-source "movement" OpenGL will always be a secondary to DirectX
    3.) OpenGL is not updated enough to be dynamic with new technology. In fact, it does not communicate with Windows 8 in any manner considered "good"
    4.) Please stop saying an open-source project (made by people in their spare time) could rival paid programmer's work developed for decades, and stop saying it's "faster" (it is not, in fact - far slower and the usage of hardware is terrible, unfortunately people tend to believe "faster" is based on how it appears to them and not on how it actually runs inside the kernel.)
    5.) I tried a humble approach to be generic about the topic (while still being correct) and you assured you knew more in the subject.

    Off topic: Using the word 'agnostic' was a failure. Java is not platform 'agnostic' - but platform independent (but can be restricted to a single platform) - also, tons of reasons exist to use Java besides it's platform independence! It's the lead for mediocre OOP.......!
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    Daniel Heppner

    1) I develop much faster on Linux.
    2) I agree, although Minecraft runs better on Linux.
    3) Okay.
    4) Open source can be great. And it can rival paid work.
    5) You're being a snob.
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    1.) What distro do you use and by how can you develop faster on Linux (explain your usage of the GUI, and how it is more productive than Windows)
    2.) MineCraft does not run better on Linux, Linux may interpret the hardware and requests from the JVM as a common nature and may perform better than outdated Windows candidates however Windows now communicates with hardware superior to any other OS (fact, not opinion)
    3.) -skips-
    4.) Open source can be great and rival paid work - but this all comes down to a few factors: experience of developers, productiveness of developers, and visa versa to the paid developers.
    5.) If it came out like I was a snob, perhaps you read it as my tone was excelled, and I'm genuinely sorry for that.
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    Wow, originally i assumed you were a windows fanboy noob... but that's actually a pretty valid argument, i don't fully agree because you claim all other OS' are horrible but OSX,Fedora,Ubuntu are all pretty good. But yes i fully agree that minecraft with direct x = MOST EPIC THING EVER!. Just so you know some linux distros such as ubuntu actually get paid to make it because of this great guy Mark Shuttleworth.

    But i would just like to remind you your in a forum based around java and minecraft which runs better on linux (or atleast equal to windows), so don't be surprised when people don't always agree with you.
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    I never claimed they are horrible. I claimed they are not very productive for use as a PC OS.
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    Uh...what? I don't know what constitutes "fast development" for you, but I work all day at a Windows 7 workstation. If I need to whip up a quick one-off program or make major edits to anything existing, I almost always SSH to my Linux server or turn to my Mac OS X laptop because the editors, development tools, and command line are superior on *nix platforms.

    Agreed for the most part on the first part, though that has little to do with OpenGL and more to do with Apple not caring about gaming plus the Linux kernel licensing "problem" interfering with GPU makers' desires to keep everything closed.

    Right on both, though the first part is being resolved (OpenGL 4 is back in the lead compared to DX11 in many ways) and the second part is again in no way OpenGL's fault, rather Microsoft's design choices.

    OpenGL is hardly a "spare time" project. ATI, Intel, nVidia, SGI, and Sun/Oracle are all heavily involved in its development.
    You failed miserably by trying to act like OpenGL is a little-supported side project of a few people that just happens to be the primary 3D graphics API for basically everything that's not a Microsoft product.

    The old OpenGL ARB sucked it up for a few years and basically did nothing. Because of that, gaming GPU drivers on Windows deprioritized support for it and things shifted heavily in DirectX's favor for the early '00s. Khronos took over in 2006 and since then we've seen OpenGL catch up feature-wise. The launch of dozens of new 3D capable devices utilizing OpenGL including every game console in recent years other than the Xbox line, all smartphones other than Windows Phone 7, all mobile OS tablets, etc. returned interest to the API so the drivers got better all around.

    I'm all for seeing Minecraft support DirectX. I always enjoy games that support both, since not all drivers are created equal and I've been through many games that worked much better on one versus the other. I get that. Just stop sounding like a fanboy. These days from a technical perspective all major desktop OSes, mobile OSes, and graphics APIs are roughly comparable if looking at the latest version. What works best for a given situation depends on exactly how it's being used. In this case since the application is written in Java we can assume portability is a concern (otherwise why the hell use Java for a game?), thus when given a choice between two APIs, one that's portable to four total platforms (Windows PC, Xbox, Xbox 360, Windows Phone 7 / Zune) and one that's portable to every current-generation gaming platform other than Xbox 360 and WP7/Zune, which would you choose as the default?
  19. Why are they silly? Open Source isn't only about "the best", it's also about costs.

    Just wondered. I use windows myself and know next to nothing about Linux, but calling a hole group "silly"...
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    Wait whats this new thing about windows working better with hardware handling, i never heard about this... Must have article/source :)
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    You're an idiot.
    0) What does HackForums have to do with him?
    1) My MacBook1,1 (May 2006, can't run Lion) performs better than my 2010 HP dv6 (with Windows 7). I can do any sort of development on Mac OS X than I can on a Windows system. Hell, I can do Objective-C/AppleScript, which Windows cannot, without a VM of course.
    2) Valve disagrees.
    3) Windows 8 is a developer preview, it's not expected to be perfect yet. (I heard Java doesn't work well on it either)
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    I'm a bit too lazy to form up a reasonably sized argument, but this canownueasy guy is an idiot.

    Especially that bit about open source being terrible in comparison with closed source. Prime example of a remarkable point against him there: Linux itself.

    Open Source doesn't necessarily mean it's being done by some twat in his spare time. What it does mean, however, is that an exponentially larger volume of programmers can view the code, find flaws, submit bug fixes and efficiency fixes, and submit new features.
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    1. why should a win user programm with applescript, there is no reason for it
    2. with 500mb ram you'll never ever can perform the same tasks as with 4gig. or 64mb gdr vs 1g ... that is no comparison. a wonder if minecraft even works on your mac.

    back to topic, it would be cool to have the base of mc done in c# and all the scripting stuff done in java for easy handling
    and there is no reason a c#-game cannot be programmed the way that it doesn't run on a mac or linux (ahh too many negations xD)
    = it is possible to programm a game in c# to work on all platforms
    edit: oh that wasn't the topic ... well
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    1) Was an example. I don't know of any other Apple-related languages other than them two.
    2) I had it expanded to 2GB, the max. If I booted them both up side by side, the Macbook would run Minecraft better, as the HP would boot into Intel HD 3000 graphics, which runs Minecraft absolutely terribly.
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    Dammit. I wish everyday that linux would just work on laptops. Great on my desktop though :)
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    intel graphics, ew ... , but you still can't compare a 1300$ notebook with a 600$ one
    (i don't like hp either)
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    The Macbook was supposed to cost less, actually. Got it for 700NZD second hand, and the HP was 1000NZD brand new, but half price cause I know someone who works there. ;)
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    Why in the world would you want it programmed in C#?

    CentOS works fine on my laptop, and the laptop before this.
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    it was just a thought that sticked from another forum i've read about c# offers more features with dx than c++ but maybe its nothing worth to think about it
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    That doesn't sound right, but I don't have enough knowledge about it to dispute that.

    However, C++ offers a lot more possibilities with everything than C# does, due to how high level of a language C# is.

    But C is where it's at.

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