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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by cheti1337, Feb 7, 2012.

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    I found one achievment plugin, that was badly written and configured.
    Can anyone make a plugin, that goes well with spout and is very customizable ?
    If you can, pelase make it so, that if y ou get an achievment, you get a popup on the upper-right corner, saying the achievment name etc.

    I would love to create achievments for:
    Placing blocks (#)
    Breaking blocks (#)
    Killing mobs (#)
    Killing players (#)
    Crafting potions
    Enchanting items

    * I marked the really important stuff with (#)
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    Yep thats what I found aswell, but its not that good tbh. Its not very customizable + when you get the achievment, it wont pop-up on the right-upper screen like most of the stuff with spout.
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    Well the code is in there for it from what I saw, but as I'm not familiar with all the API functions of Spout I couldn't tell you as to why it isn't working, especially because I didn't look deep enough. It seems like it should work though.
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    I will, thanks waterpicker. But Wolfy9247, i tested it on my server and the plugin itself is very poorly written.

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