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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by ARavinMadMonkey, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Could someone make me a plugin that does two very simple things?
    The two things I would like it to do are
    • Disable health regeneration.
    • Configure the default health amount OR set the health amount to 7.5 hearts (In coding that would be 15)
    No permissions, no commands, just those two things.
    Thats it, if someone could make that for me fairly quickly I would be very greatful.

    EDIT: I have looked for other plugins to do this but I could only find the Ultra-Hardcore plugin to disable health regeneration and Health Control to change the default amount of health.
    I only want the one feature from Ultra-Hardcore and Health Control doesnt work.
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  3. Thank you :D Any idea when you can do it?
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    @ARavinMadMonkey it's completed. I'll post the link to the bukkitdev page soon.

  5. turqmelon Awesome! Thanks a lot man :D
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    hey! AravinMadMonkey, arent you Chris (keycutters) :)
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  8. Kris* and yes I am, I dont think this is the place to talk about my youtube, private message me :p

    turqmelon Thank you very much. In case you're interested, you will be seeing this plugin on Machinima Realm in a paintball video sometime next week :)

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