[REQ] Seeking Outpost "War" Control Plugin

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    Yes, I realize the title is confusing; however, there's no 'easy' way to really describe the plugin since I'm looking for traits rather than an actual perfect fit.

    The past few days I have been searching for an outpost plugin of some sort to encourage "rational" PvP on my server. By rational, I am referring to a conflict for land control or outposts. Like conflict lands that can be 'controlled' by players but never actually "claimed." In a sense, the plugin would be similar to the conflict style in Anarchy Online or PlanetSide.

    While looking through existing plugins, I found a few that seemed interesting, but none seem to be active or have limited updating.

    Here's the two I found that somewhat match what I'm looking for:
    [INACTIVE][SEC/FUN] CatchMe - The Capture Region plugin [740]
    [FUN/MECH] Outposts v2.2 - War Economy Plugin [1060]
    [WIP] Empires 2

    I know Factions does have a built in system for conflict and control of land; however, this is a little to invasive for my tastes. I'd prefer not to have my players face a circumstance where a guildmate dies, the other faction takes over the entry gate to a town and griefs it for the sake of griefing.

    If anyone has a plugin in mind, please let me know. If not, then at the very least I've created a comprehensive list of Inactive, WIP, and limited maintenance plugins for future searchers.

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