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    I think there is a lot of Admins that have problems with reading Console :)
    Because there is few plugins that post spam messages and there is no way to disable it.

    Can someone make plugin that will remove all messages from specific plugin and messages like "16 more..."

    Example of specific plugin Spam (I get new message every second):
    Example of "..16 more" (Get new message every 0.3 second):
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    I don't want to disable all logging... I want plugin that will disable logging of another plugin.

    There should be plugin like: "RemoveConsoleMessage"

    With config.yml
    It is that simple :)


    Developer of "DropSwap" is not online anymore since May :( Probably he won't fix this spam
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    There's nothing to fix:
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    I have this in config.yml
    What sould I do to remove logging ?
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    Change logging: INFO to logging: SEVERE
    That's it =)
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    Why you need logs when you want to disable error messages? That's why log file exists at all.
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    This is config.myl:

    logging: INFO
    permissions: false
    - ZOMBIE, additem, GOLD_NUGGET, 0.5, 1, 2
    - SPIDER, additem, GOLD_NUGGET, 0.5, 1 ,2
    - SKELETON, additem, GOLD_NUGGET, 0.5, 1 ,2
    - CREEPER, additem, GOLD_NUGGET, 0.5, 2 ,2

    I need logs, for see all converstaion of my players & other plugins (FoundDiamond)
    But If I get 1000x message of some error this is un-useful

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    If you see error in logs, you should disable plugin and send error report to developer as soon as possible.
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    Lol, the developer of this plugin is not active anymore xD And plugin works fine... But it post a spam.
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    And this is so funny that you wrote "lol"?
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    Because I can't do anything here :/ Developer is gone, and I have spaw in my console with working plugin.
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    like i said...
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    Hi All, I realize this was written a few weeks ago, but I'm not gone! Just busy with real-life and work. I'm sorry that you feel that the logging was spamming your console. Maybe I should have had it report errors only by default. The plug-in page did talk about how to change the logging level - sorry it was not clear. I am happy to hear that it is working fine for you and that you are enjoying it.

    Have fun,
    - TheKalem
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    If your getting those "x more..." message you have a BIG problem with a plugin. you need to find a fix to the problem, not try to find a way to disable knowing there is a problem.

    Its like getting shot in the arm..going "crap I'm bleeding, look at that"...then tossing on a heavy coat and saying "There, cant see the wound or the blood, problem solved!"
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