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    Simply idea... probably hard to do... but I'm hoping someone can do it.

    The basic relics are indestructable, fit in a 5x5x6. The Obsidian piece of the relics is the only breakable piece, and can only be broken with a sword. It would still take the same length of time to break with a sword as it would with its counterpart pick axe. The relic will reset itself after 5 mins of being broken.

    The plugin will need to be tied into Factions. The faction that breaks the obsidian will aquire certain abilities depending on which relic they have broken.

    There should be a Gold, Emerald, Diamond, Iron and Wooden.

    Abilities that could be gifted to the faction that breaks the relic(s) would be: mob drop increase chance; double durability of certain items/weapons/armor; higher chance to critical; more damage done by certain weapon types; alter times of potions; alter duration of potions, alter damage done by potions.

    Chances should be cumulative, so the more alters a faction controls, the better percentages they acquire.

    Will of course need options to turn off and on all relics, add and remove each one, and change the stats that each relic gives, etc.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who takes on this request.

    If you need help or ideas, please contact me.

    Here is an example of a relic:


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