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    The last few days I got several problems with spams, capslock messages etc. on my server. To the first person I said "I will set you on my blacklist" ... but he did not cared about it (my server is very tiny xD) now Im annoyed because I can't threaten those people...

    My idea was a public blacklist - a plugin connected to a database with an blacklist. So when I block a player, he is blocked on all public servers with this plugin (not if hes on a configurable offline whitelist). I searched for a plugin like this but there isnt one.

    Could someone create a plugin like that?

    Here are some ideas:
    - new bans could only be created by online servers (to confirm thats the right person)
    - it is required that the serverlog is automatically uploaded by the plugin, so we could be sure that the message isnt a fake
    - people are only banned for limited time (maybe 2 weeks)
    - banned players could insert contradiction if a ban isnt justified (as an insult reported message isnt an insult or sth.)
    - admins could create a whitelist
    - (maybe an votingsystem ... players could ban the "bad" player if the admin is offline)
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    Check out MCBans Its the closest thing to a public ban list
  3. I like your idea, and indeed MCBans is good, but if you have an offline server that isn't usable, and i think you could also use ip's instead of being a online server and ban a playername, because some people have multiple accounts, so banning ip's would be a better idea i think.
    greetz blackwolf12333
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    Ip's can be changed easier than purchasing additional accounts. Furthermore, running a server in offline mode is really insecure in itself. You should be worried about much more than spammers.
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    Simple, don't use an Offline server. Then, install MCBans.

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