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    Plugin category: Economy​

    Suggested name: PriceMechanism​

    A bit about me: I am in the process of making my own minecraft Factions server. With the aims of creating a Bias free environment and effectively make the player King.​

    What I want: The plugin I am asking for derives directly from a real life price mechanism. The price would fluctuate in accordance to the demand of the item by the amount of times its purchased at the shop (Demand goes up, price goes up, and vice versa) . This idea may seem abit vague... maybe attach it to signs, perhaps. The idea is always open to suggestions of course. The price would officially change on the signs every 6 hours, for example. I would alse request that the plugin supporst PermissionsBukkit and iConomy.​

    Ideas for permissions: General permissions for placing/removing signs etc.​

    Willing to pay up to: $35 (Discussable)​

    When I'd like it by: This plugin seems very complex, and I have not got experience, therefore I am not asking for a specific date of completition​

    Similar plugin requests: None that I am aware of.​

    Devs who might be interested in this: -​
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    I love this idea, just makes you wonder why it wasnt made already.
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    You can try it with this or another plugin. I hope this plugins are what you mean. Click and Click


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