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Sound fun for a Factions, Magic, and PvP Based Server?

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    Here is what I want:

    Call bounties on players, one bounty call per player. They can enter the name, price, and reason for the bounty. The bounty hunter that kills the player receives the amount of money on the bounty's head from the bounty caller. When the bounty is complete, the name is take off the bounty list. Targets can have an unlimited number of hunters on them at a time.

    Here are commands:

    /bounty help - list all commands with parameters.
    • /bounty call <name> <price> <reason> - call a bounty.
      • if entered incorrectly, respond with correct format.
      • format of global broadcast: <caller> has called a bounty on <target>'s head for <price>!
    • /bounty list - list all active bounties.
      • lists with name, then price, then number of hunters on the target.
    • /bounty info <name> - responds with the reason for the bounty.
      • format of response: <target> has a bounty for <reason>
      • /bounty accept <name> - makes you the official hunter for the bounty.
      • format of global broadcast: <hunter> has taken on the bounty of <target>.
    • /bounty release <name> - release a player from your bounty call.
      • format of global broadcast: <caller> has released <target>!
    Here are permissions:
    • bounty.call
    • bounty.list
    • bounty.info
    • bounty.release
    Here is what it must support: iConomy

    Here is what I'll offer: $25

    Here is where you can contact me:
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    I might do this. But it depends. Answer A, B or C to this:
    A) The Player who called a bounty has to deposit his money into a "bank" of sorts, and the bounty hunter collects his reward from the bank.
    B) The Player's money is taken from his account when the bounty is fulfilled, and the bounty hunter gets his reward immediately.
    C) None of the above.
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    This will prevent lack of money after the kill in scenario B. Bank will not be physical of course, just be a sort of virtual storage for the money until the kill, and will return if the bounty is "released". If we can create a sort of self working "debt" system, then B will work. A is most preferred.
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    I'll attempt it. I need to learn iConomy hooking anyway. I'm assuming you use iConomy?
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    Awesome! Thanks, I do use iConomy, and I wanted something decently lightweight, so that's why I'm requesting this.

    EDIT: I saw the HeroBounty plugin, and I really like the idea of being able to "accept" a bounty, so if you could implement this, that would be great, I added in the changes to the original post with the color blue.

    Thanks again for trying to bring back bounties to PvP servers!
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    Well if you'd rather me make a custom one for you, I will when I get the hang of iConomy. So not right this instant, but soon! ^-^
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    Yeah, no problem, I don't have any specific time that I need it done, so take your time, thanks again.

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