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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by fullwall, Feb 14, 2011.

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    Was the "Monster" mob removed?
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    Hmmm? I was just commenting on the fact that human npcs are pretty much uncontrollable in minecraft - so, to get around this, use mobs, which are controllable, as 'humans'.
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    Oooohhh I just got a great idea ... PVP servers would eat this up.

    Can you make a plugin where, say if a player attacked another player and bother players were holding swords, the attack would damage the sword instead of the player? This would make for epicly awesome swordfights. Also make it work for axes, etc...
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    Yeah, I could. But, as the main post says, I don't have the time. Maybe I'll ask one of my friends to do it (he wants to learn how to make plugins).
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    Understood. I'll make a separate thread.
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    Ye fullwall I understood. Im talking about the "monster" mob, the one with default player skin.
    Dont know if it was removed, on hmod we could spawn it with mspawn. You could create a village with those mobs that looks like humans, without needing npcs.

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    How about a Herobrine mod?
    Or a plugin that if your below two hearts, your at a slowed speed? (Crouch)
    ...But if you couldn't do slowed speed you could make it so theres always a slowsand block bellow the player.
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    I would love to see a herobrine mod, too!
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    Hey there fullwall, loved your hunger plugin and saw this post so i thought you may want to check this out
    i know it doesnt have much to do with mobs and i dont think it would be ridiculously challenging for you. But hey, its worth shot right? :p

    edit: dang can't insert link :(

    well i posted a thread in plugin reaquest for Siege warfare/puchasable protection

    would greatly appreciate it if you gave it a look over
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    That's better than nothing. I'd love to have a zombie going out at night and harvesting for me or a creeper in the day :)
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    fullwall, any chance of taking a second look at faster-than-diamond mining? It definitely requires some bukkit hacking, not just CB.
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    i hope this one is quite easy to make
    let me illustrate the scenario:
    a player is named "user" and got the ip
    he logs in to my server as a new user(his first login), so the plugin makes him a profile(name:ip)
    so next time, the player "user" logs in, the plugin checks for the same user name and ip address. if it is the same, the plugin will not do anything at all, but if the username is the same, but the ip is different, then the plugin will kick the player.

    i need this plugin because i run a server on my schools network. (the filter blocks minecraft account server)
    and a lot of people use namehacks, so they grain my rights on the server, and then griefs around :/
    sorry for bad engrish(see what i did there XD), English is my third language.
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    It would be better to implement an in-game password-based login system.
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    As nobody gave an anwer to my Thread I wanted to ask here if I overlooked a possibilty or if it is just impossible to prevent occupation groups from crafting specific Items?
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    Josh Davis

    I really want to see a mod that adds new creatures like mo' creatures for smp especially if you can add horses with the functionality he has. Even if it meant everyone on the server had to install a certain pack it would be well worth it.
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    I agree with one of the first posts in here, an alternate plugin language loader. So we can write plugins in a different programming language ^^ (Like C++, or python so its easier for beginners)
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    --- merged: Mar 1, 2011 6:38 PM ---
    Thats a Client thing, its impossible.... Its notches job
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    How about creating Custom Mobs?:)
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    Kinda like the other person said. Change the AI so all mobs will go after a selected person after a certain amount of PvE kills.
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    I would like a mod for snow or a way for snow and ice to spread.

    Another would be a way to command while mods... making mobs not attack you but you can direct the mobs at others.
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    Josh Davis

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    Now heres something that would be really cool. 2 ideas that i just have not the time and patience to do :p

    If anyone has played ElderScrolls 5 they will know what i am going on about.
    Basically Oblivion Gates are spawned randomly across the world, and the objective is the go in the gates and destroy them.
    The Oblivion Gates will create a new world called Oblivion. Here there is a series of randomly generated "hell islands" (i don't know what they are called but you know what i mean :3). The player/s then go into one of the towers fight stuff and do that thing that destroys it. Then gate then becomes unuseable.

    Now if this was made it would be amazing and anything i could do to support this plugin i would try and do. :p

    Simple plugin (in description).
    A mod that randomly generates buildings and other suburbia objects into the world. There are some world creating mods that do this (kinda). But a bukkit mod would be cool (if possible).

    If you do decide on any of these ideas please let me know. :p And i would be happy to help in any which way.
    Samkio <3
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    ok it was suggested earlier but seems to have been forgotten, a mod that allows something to have light as bright as the sun, like lightstone or something, could really use it in my server :)
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    Please make a plugin that allows an OP (or with permissions) to post a sign that changes the user's group from a preset group to another one I set with the sign once the user walks next to it. I really need one, and I've been actually looking for one right now, but no luck.

    And also, the mod suggested above (brighter torches maybe) would be amazing.
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    A plugin that allows SMP to be played on a separate website than minecraft.net, but only play on the server with that plugin. (Probably impossible)
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    Not impossible, likely illegal, but could allow server admins to deploy a client with pre-loaded mods.
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    Didn't think it was illegal.....
    how about the Vertical redstone mod, ummm dragons, lower/reverse gravity and flip the player as you flip them, power to take over a NPC and make them a human player (using their skin and name under your control) while your body becomes an NPCC, andddd posessing pigs (or other mobs, like creepers) in the same way.

    Just some ideas that may seem impossible!
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    My two cents on this:

    Illegal? Come on, that's rubbish, because I think that this game has a lot of potential, that Notch at the start didn't even thought about, because I am trying to accomplish something similar!

    I even succeeded of making a game client with an installation window, where you can install the custom client anywhere on the pc, not obligatory in .minecraft folder, and it freaking works! Some Radeon graphics cards have bugs with OpenGL not finding the path, but in general the system works, and what is best for it, I as a future server operator will be able to give the players an experience far more greater than the standard vanilla SMP gives, and what is the best part of it - my players won't have to bother on modding the game by themselves, simple install and play! They will however have to buy the game anyway, because they still have to log in to their minecraft.net accounts before playing - which is illegal? That's total bull crap, because if the player requires to buy the game, that shouldn't be illegal, because Notch still gets the money from the game!

    Custom pre moded client gives alot of options - ability to set the game client so, that it isn't possible to install any X-Ray texture packs or plugins, add new plugins, that add a lot of new experiences and so on! Also what is best of my current custom client is the fact, that it can be installed parallel to the vanilla game client - so that you can have both - it doesn't require files from .minecraft folder at all!

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