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    I looked into the deobfuscated code, and it could be done I suppose. But I wonder how well the server will handle it...

    But changing it just to do nothing will result in error in client side (changed in both client and server):

    Error occurred during initialization of VM
    Could not reserve enough space for object heap

    Server will die as well, but that is when I make every chunk not to be unloaded (by removing all the code from chunkUnload
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    This is not a plugin request, by the looks of it.
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    I would not mind if it was command based, like "/chunkadd " to add chunk and "/chunkremove" to remove from the list. It might be even better that way.
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    No, I mean I have no idea what you are getting at. What plugin are you requesting?
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    I would love a sample plugin that altered how long it took to break a block. For instance, make diamond tools twice as effective as they currently are.

    I looked at doing this for a while, but i could only find out if the block was in the DIGGING, STARTING, STOPPED, or BROKEN state, and not how much damage had been done to it, etc.
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    a plugin that wouldn't detsroy your tools and armor.. but make them useless. would be good with conjuction with repair mods
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    I believe there's a block damage variable somewhere in there...
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    package org.bukkit.block;
    public enum BlockDamageLevel {
        STARTED(0), DIGGING(1), BROKEN(3), STOPPED(2);
        private int level;
        private BlockDamageLevel(final int level) {
            this.level = level;
        public int getLevel() {
            return level;
    this is all I've got, which doesn't seem to handle what i need. Maybe i could start a timer at digging and if it hasn't hit stopped or broken or anything else by the time the time gets to the appropriate value for the player.itemInHand() then set the damage level to broken? seems kludgey
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    how about a plugin where the more mobs you kill in an area, the less mobs spawn in it.

    this way players could protect their towns and houses without spamming torches everywhere!
    presumably it would regenerate over time back to normal levels so people have to keep maintaining the area's low spawn rate.
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    A jetpack mod? with gunpowder as fule? I dont know if it sounds imposible but it differently sounds fun to play with :D
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    Hey, I've been hunting the Bukkit Plugin List for something simple and easy to install;

    A chest protect... annnnd a plugin with lever/redstone mechanic protections - so certain people can access certain places with the correct permissions.

    I have looked at LWC and it's not updated, and doesn't seem to do what I want it to do.




    Owner creates a switch to activate a door into a partyroom.
    Guest tries to hit the switch, however he doesn't have permission to use this switch, so he's denied access to the party.

    Owner creates a chest with diamonds in it.
    Guest tries to open the chest, however he can't because the Owner has "locked" the chest.

    If there is already something like this that I've missed, let me know!
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    An idea had had been in my head for a while. Not sure if its "impossible" or even practical to most people, and i'm posting it here just cause its that type of thread not cause I want it, I just thought people might read this and get more ideas.

    Temporary blocks.

    Explain: Have a large collection of custom blocks/prefabs, but ones that arent designed to "build" or "stock" with, but ones that either despawn after a while (so people lose them) or stay until server resets, but aren't minable/usable.

    The way I see it, it cant screw the world, as if the plugin is not loaded the extra blocks aren't "real" in game anyway (like a dropped porkshop is temporary), and can be switched in and out, without effecting the world, like most blocks mods actually do, as the block would use a temporary ID that just reverts to say, air later.


    * Scaffolding: 9 sticks make 10 (20? 50? 64?) scaffolding pieces, so you can erect a structure without using cobblestone, then having to remove it all, you just leave it up, wait for a time based cleanup (night cycle would suffice) Note that ALL blocks in the world would get cleaned up at the same time.

    * Headstone: You die, you form a headstone. Vanishes in 10 minutes.

    * Temporary torches. You get a LOT more from making them but they burn out, used for those temporary tunnels.

    * Tie wooden signs to a prefab. Put sign down, prefab goes up. If sign destroyed, prefab goes down, but can be put back up in seconds (theres other mods to have objects like sign protected anyway) and could be fun useful on a creative server, plus if people swap prefabs, cities can go up in minutes, would be close to impossible to grief as they can be repaired in seconds, and would far easier to save (blocks arent part of the world save, they are spawned after the world spawns.

    I hope I'm making sense. For the record, I have a heart condition, and don't get much sleep when it plays up - which is most nights - so my nightmares/dreams recently are all MineCraft related so I think up weird stuff. Sorry bout that.
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    Edward Hand

    You seem to be describing something that requires new block types to be added to the game, which I'm afraid isn't currently possible with bukkit.
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    Not sure if this impossible, but people have told me it is :D so I shall give you my idea

    Could you make it so Dispensers have more room? ... my idea is make it so you can connect a dispenser to a chest using redstone, then hook a lever to the dispenser/chest and the items would come dispense from the chest? so basically the chest would be more storage for the dispenser? (sorry if this is confusing I don't quite know how to explain it)
    Could you either do this or make it so chests dispense items like dispensers? [​IMG]
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    That's not possible I believe, not without a client mod. Edward may have some crazy way :p.
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    One might be able to rig something up to check the dispenser's inventory each time it fires, and attempt to replenish its stocks from adjacent chest blocks, checking their inventory.
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    Maybe buyable plots? I really need for my RPG server
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    Here's an idea. This is sort of similar to your Gastronomic plugin.
    How about a plugin that makes sleeping necessary? This would, of course, only work if it were also possible to sleep at any time of the day.
    Basically, you would get a warning every few minutes if you were tired, and then if you got too tired you would die. Like I said, very similar to Gastronomic.
    I think it would also be best if it only required you to lie in bed, as in many large servers actual sleeping is very rare.

    I would love to do this myself (I have recently started making plugins) but I'm nowhere near advanced enough to attempt that.
    You seem to be looking for trouble, though. ;)
    What do you say?
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    Well, not really, bet then I dont understand the real mechanics of the game maybe ...

    Mobs in game are temporary, but are still solid, but if you change difficulty to "peaceful" all bad mobs vanish. If you had a mob object, shaped like a block, that lines up like a block, and you can jump on, youd have one of the blocks i'm referring to; but yes, maybe it dosnt work the way im thinking.
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    Edward Hand

    It's also not possible to add new mob types to the game with bukkit :(
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    To sirawesomelot - sounds like a plugin you could make if you tried! All you have to do is increment a sleep variable for everyone in the server - then use onblockinteract for sleeping! (If you wanted a further challenge, you could use craftbukkit entityplayer to check if sleeping). The extra dispenser inventory sounds cool - I will attempt it next week when I have more time. I don't think there's a dispenser_fired event though :S.

    I found out the dispenser check - will work on it next week as stated.

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    May have hacked something together :p. Haven't tested or anything yet.
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    Seeing as no one's stepped up to this plate. Why not make something like mine colony? Sure everybody would love to see that in smp
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    Well, since you know what your talking about, a bukkit question:

    Can a bukkit plugin (and which ones if you know any) "break" a saved world if the world is first loaded with it active, but has its .jar file removed the next time the server is run.

    Some (like Borderguard) can swap in new blocks for old blocks - but keep a record of which - and when taken has a change that cant be rolled back, but the world is still not broken as such, just modified, I mean more around the lines of a world you cant load properly anymore.

    Reason I'm asking is that I'm trying to stick to what seem safe plugins to screw with (i do keep lots of backups), still, im very nooby at this.
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    One plugin that wold be beautiful to have for a RP server I'm admin on would be the ability to set a coordinate and have everything past that nobuild except by people with the required permissions, and have an increased mob spawning rate (spawning creepers and spiders through the day would be awesome too). I figured this would fall under the near impossible category due to the lag such immense protection could create.

    Some context may help with understanding the request: On Mine-RP we're creating a full RPG experience (dungeons, quest, storyline, classes, levelling, etc) to go along side the typical Role Play, and we want to use everything south of X=2,000 as a "wilderness" area for the RPG where players cannot build. The increased mobs is so that it feels far more dangerous in that desolated region of the world, even during the day.
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    Two more things I think would be damn near impossible.

    A way to animate blocks in an area for a predefined motion.
    Context: frame-by-frame of trebuchets firing for a hoped war system.

    A way to somehow utilize the existing code that allows sand and gravel to smoothly move downward to allow blocks to move free of the grid in a predefined pattern.
    Context: Underwater cities smoothly rising from the depths of oceans, ruins smoothly rising from the desert sands.
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    To panderiz - what if minecolony were monsters instead of humans?

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