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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by fullwall, Feb 14, 2011.

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    A plugin for offline servers that would stop people from getting disconnected where you could make your name and password because of how it kicks people if there are 2 people with the name "Player"
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    a plug-in that turns grifers into model citizens, forcing them to do good, like collect garbage from the side of the road, and help old lady's cross the street.
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    I second 34. Setting certain mobs to be friendly in a whitelist fashion. (Creepers friendly to Izbay, but Hostile to all others)
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    Mob scanner let me expand on it a little

    so like /ms scan Zombie
    then it would ask you to hit a block then ask you to hit an output block such as torch or lever. lever or torch would go high when a zombie is in the zone.

    This would allow automatic sorting of mobs with out making it 2 easy still some challenge to it.
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    Fullwall how about a glowstone torch plugin that allows you to craft glowstone dust and a stick into a glowstone torch
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    At the moment, am still finishing up the pokemon esque plugin. I think I may do the chest generator one next.
    --- merged: Feb 16, 2011 2:12 PM ---
    I could do the friendly whitelist thing. Would it be per mob?

    Toss up between the chest and friendly mob whitelist. Hmmmm...
    --- merged: Feb 16, 2011 2:33 PM ---
    I'm probably going to do the friendly whitelist mob thing, as the chest is open for abuse etc.
    --- merged: Feb 16, 2011 2:52 PM ---
    Would you prefer whitelisted mobs or redstone wool colour changing based on power level?
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    Dispenser stuff:

    Flamethrower dispensers!
    Stick a flint and steel and wood in a dispenser, dispenser eats wood each trigger, and outputs working flame tiles capable of burning anything it hits.

    Dispenser range modification!
    Simply alters the velocity things leave dispensers. Stick a sign on the dispenser reading Range X

    Homing dispensers!
    Stick a compass in one of those dispenser slots with all your arrows/eggs/slimeballs... now it'll fire at the nearest living entity in its firing arc every trigger! (without eating the compass)

    Homing dispenser FoF!
    Homing dispensers with a "friendly" list, controllable by the one who placed it. dispenser won't home in on targets it was told are friendly. Just target your dispenser and type /fof add player (or remove, you get the idea)

    FoF Mob dispenser!
    Place x amount of signature loot of a mob in a dispenser, when triggered the dispenser will spawn said mob (using up the items), ignoring the player who placed it, and anyone else on the dispenser's friendly list. Your own skeleton/creeper/zombie army with gameplay balance! Bonus points for making it function with range modifiers. You too can rain cattle on king arthur and his knights!

    Block dispenser!
    Takes any block in the dispenser, and insantiates it rather than spitting out a usable block. Perfect for burial pit sand traps, lava traps, or gameplay balanced instant doors/bridges.

    Flaming projectiles start fires!
    Like it says, items on fire despawn on contact, instantiating a working fire! Got extra crap? Use it as ammo for your traps! Wheat farming has never BEEN so deadly!

    Dispenser capable of firing LIVE TNT. You just need redstone, a clock, and tnt! You know you always wanted a dynamite power drill. You know for mining... yeah... mining

    Massive dispenser pack!
    All of the above in a single plugin with a working config file!
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    Where can i find the source code for craftbukkit.jar aka craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar? The files in ****.java format? I now have done a huge step forward by using meta values for blocks, that gave me a whole new perspective with possibilities to mod. Now I need to check how different is the server side of the blocks and items (should't be much different from minecraft_server.jar, but still.
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  13. >:3
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    Ahhhh! Too many requests xD. Someone else want to take a few of these while I finish some off?
    --- merged: Feb 18, 2011 9:28 AM ---
    To aeron - check out the bukkit javadocs, and go to the craftbukkit packages. Should get you started :). But I think for what you're doing you'll have to edit that net.minecraft server classes somewhat - check them out on the javadocs too.
  15. You asked for a challenge, you now have one >:3
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    If you can make more mobs, i'll love you =)
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    Ask aeron - he's the one who's decompiling minecraft code :p.
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    After looking over some of the suggestions, I had a few ideas as to how they may be done. I'm happy to edit all of that out of my post if it irritates anyone, or is wrong, or is too stupid:

    Replied to the (first) thread with a few short lines of pseudocode. They both seem like the same thing.

    There is functionality in the API to "rename" players, and I know several mods support it. Do they get kicked if you utilize this functionality (since their "original" name is still Player)?

    Essentially hook onEntityMove (which doesn't appear in the javadoc API default hook list right now :(), and then check if the X, Y, and Z values are inside of a "bounding box" designated by the detection radius of the detector. The actual response could be any number of things: As you said, a switch getting flipped, or the color of a wool block getting changed, or a cow could be spawned, etc.

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but doesn't CraftBook offer something like this (if it ever comes out)? And other recipe-based mods might have similar solutions.
    To do something from scratch, I'm not sure if it's possible to access the crafting block, but it may be possible to have a set up that detects if a chest is on top of a crafting block, and then when you "open" the crafting block, it automatically reformats the contents of the chest according to any recipe that it can make with all of the items contained therein, with possibly even a configurable recipe file on the server.

    Ingame isn't going to happen. Dynmap or bust.

    I would request you help him make it a plugin, instead of a jar install, if possible. That would be most neat. Especially if, now that we have multiworld support, the ability to switch it on or off for given worlds was available.
    Failing that, I wouldn't mind having the understanding to see why it couldn't be.

    Wouldn't the hook be somewhere in onBlockPhysics? Maybe.

    And all this stuff about making C++ work in bukkit plugins: is there some big advantage C++ would have over running Java natively in Java? I can't imagine it's that hard to learn Java knowing C++.

    Since you're looking for challenges, I have one for you that I've been meaning to get to, but haven't taken the time to get into how to make "craftbukkit mods". Assuming you're asking because you have better understanding than I do, here is a quick and simple request:

    Add a hook to "when an arrow hits a block". The hows of it were explained to me here, but I haven't gotten around to it. Despite you getting swamped, you may still get to it before I do :p

    If you do it, I'm actually anticipating the source as much as anything :p I want to be able to see how to.
    If you don't, I still need to figure out how to go about it. Override the arrow file with a custom class in my plugin? Rewrite that file in craftbukkit and recompile craftbukkit?
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    Okay, heres one
    Could you make a plugin that mimics Permissions, but something simpler like the hmod groups.txt and users.txt
    and So that every plugin that requires permissions could use this too.
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    I have a question; would it be possible to allow both torches and redstone torches on fences?
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    well, it could possibly make the plugin more efficient in terms of memory and could introduce a bit of a speed up, though the best thing would be to port the Bukkit API in mineserver (the C++ implementation of the minecraft server) and allow for both C++ and Java Plugins

    And no, it isn't that hard to learn java if you know C++, going the other way can be a little rough as Java uses a garbage collector when there are no more references to an Object but in C++ when you lose the last pointer to a dynamically allocated object (or memory in general) there is a memory leak
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    Please help him! i want that mod for my server :D if i knew how to do it... i would
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    Edward Hand

    Here's a start:
    --- merged: Feb 21, 2011 5:29 PM ---
    As fullwall has said, a few (very few) of the classes are on github. For all of them, simply decompile the jar file using something like this:
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    i would love that. that would be a great plugin
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    I just made an account to request these two mods:

    a) increased speed of redstone torches/wires. They are ridiculously slow

    b) server-side mod that will not unload loaded chunks away from memory (reason => redstone on unloaded chunks will not work and will freeze).

    I searched the internet for these kind of mods but no avail.
    I want to build a computer in minecraft using redstone wire and torches, but these limits are dreadful.
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    Could actually be done relatively easily, I think. You would just have a set of user-defined chunks that are "permanently loaded", and then you hook onChunkUnload and check if the chunk to be unloaded is in the "permanent" list, then you either cancel the event or reload the chunk.
    I can't remotely guarantee that'll work, but it might.

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