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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by ghostismyname, Apr 24, 2011.

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    I basically mean a plugin that makes it so theres a /list command that shows online players (maybe with another status too, like building or busy) and also allows players to set their status to invisible or offline to not be shown in the list, if a user is invisible it would also hide their above head nametag (if possible) And it would be nice if it disabled the default server messages of logins, so if the player set their status to invis/offline and never changed it, the server wouldnt say their online. A plugin like this would of course need to allow ops to see everyone whos online. Id just like to know whether or not a plugin like this is possible, i have looked through quite a few plugins and they are mostly just for adding prefix's and colors to chat. I think that a plugin like this would be widely used and id greatly appreciate it if someone could help. thank you for your time.
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    Good request.
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    ty i was still hoping if someone could tell me if this can be done?
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    Yes !!!

    I use MCDocs, (great plugin) you can config a "/whatyouwant" and invoke a file with "%online" for exemple !
    LoginMessage is an alternative. (I think but works only on login like a motd ???)

    And I saw few days ago, a new plugin, especially for this, "PlayerList".



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