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    Title pretty much says it all.

    I just want an incredibly simple plugin that stops MobSpawners from being broken/destroyed.

    Thats it, doesn't need permissions, doesn't need anything more.

    Just anytime a mob spawner would be removed, this would prevent it, no matter what world, or where it is.

    Hope I've explained it well enough, and I seriously hope someone can make this or point me to a plugin that does this.
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    Do you have essentials? You could blacklist in in Config:

    # Which blocks should people be prevented from breaking
    break: 52
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    No, I'm not using, nor do I want to use essentials.
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    this is a fairly easy thing to do and I'm planning to include a blacklist into my own CommandsEX plugin

    CommandsEX is modular, so when this is ready, you can simply select that single feature and trash everything else (like homes, warps etc.), so you get exactly what you need... well, actually a configurable blacklist, but that's almost what you requested :-D

    if you're ok with that, let me know and I prioritize this, otherwise it's got a low priority for the project
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    I downloaded it, and will install it soon, thank you Scyntrus. I'll let you know how it works for me. :)

    Thanks Scyntrus works like a charm, no one can break spawners. Works perfectly!

    Suggestions for v0.2: Permissions support. Just to make it easier when you place a spawner and need to move it over 1 block. :p

    Suggestions for v0.3: Config file for blocks that cant be broken with custom messages.

    Example config file:
    - 52: You're not allowed to break Spawners.
    - 32: Dead Brush may not be broken.

    Just suggestions.

    Again, thank you.

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