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    Me and my friend were battling with wolfs (in stupid numbers) when it came to me for a fun plugin
    that makes you a mob "lord" (to match me skin)
    so here is what i would like it to do:
    -choose a mob (creeper,skeleton, etc), probably a command of /turn{player} lord{mob}
    -than you get a Configable item (maybe lord based as in gunpowder=creeper,etc),click a area to summon said mob when holding said item
    -next is peace with said mob and also be able to punch them without fighting back (so in cause you hit one in battle)
    -lord related perks
    -Creeper lord:explosive proof, when dies explode (level 1 exploden), maybe can only use TNT
    -Skeleton lord:arrow proof
    -Zombie lord:fist deals 3 hearts , neutral 16% damage reduction(still caps at 80%)
    -Slime lord:2 unkillable tiny slimes
    -Ghast lord: fireproof, fly (over powered), shoot fireballs (i would not like this lord),
    -Spider lord:clime walls,10% faster than normal player
    -Zombie pigman lord: fireproof, let out that pig noise,
    giant/enderman IDK
    -last request is basically the more hearts mod as a plugin
    Use by other severs
    -with the right permissions you could have mob clan wars
    -dungeons were a player is the "boss"
    -grefing (sad but true)
    Final thoughts
    I'm aware that this is alot and the more hearts isn't even a option but truth be told I don't expect anyone to make it, but it would be cool, and I felt I'd give a suggestion to it also the thread feels a little in complete with out the effect of enderman and giants so comment on them ideas would be welcome

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