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    Category: PVP/fun
    Suggested Name: Hill Domination
    What I want:
    • Configurable
    • To create a specific area, (perhaps choose with worldedit) and create the "hill".
    • Players who enter this hill will earn money(configurable please). - use of vault?
      • After a player has been in the hill, they will receive X amount of money.
    • Broadcast when a players is dominating the hill.
      • X seconds in the hill will launch the broadcast.
      • Ex. Players is dominating the hill! Try to kill him!
    • Stats - Read command section for more info.
    • % of money gained
      • Permissions for the amount of % a player receives in the hill after X seconds. (Donator perk)
      • In the config, add different groups
        • Ex: - Group1: 10
        • Ex: - Group2: 15
      • The examples above describe the amount of percentage a player receives MORE than the original amount.
    Ideas for commands:
    • Use command prefix: /hd
    • Selecting the area to be the 'hill'.
    • Stats
      • Perhaps a stat of yourself and top 3 players who have been dominating the hill the most.
      • /hd stats - will show top 3.
      • /hd stats <player> - will show any player's score
    Ideas for permissions:
    • Ability to receive money. - hd.receive
    • hd.gain.group1
    • hd.gain.group2
    When I want this by: ASAP
    Note: You can contact me either through the comments, pm. Skype would be the best option, please pm me if you want my skype info.
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    Still looking for someone!

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