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    I'll give you this in the form of commands.

    /inviteplayer [name]
    /wasinvitedby [name]
    Wasinvitedby would need a "Max Inviters" value in a config file.
    If correctly paired, both players get a customizable reward. The inviter can get a [reward] every time the invited player mines [blocks] (Very customizable)
    Would show something like this:
    [Inviter] ([rewards collected]) : [Invitee]
    Notch (200$) : GiovanH
    GiovanH (150$) : PapaSmurfin
    GiovanH (150$) : ApplePudding

    Type /invitetotal for total rankings


    #1 : GiovanH (300$)
    #2 : Notch (200$)
    ## : PapaSmurfin, ApplePudding (None)

    This would reward players for expanding your server without asking for donations. This would work with iConomy.
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    You would have to check that you can only say wasinvitedby once ^^
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    That's quite true. Perhaps the "Max Inviters" could be a setting in a config file, in case you want to allow multiple inviters.
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    Cleaned up first post.

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