[REQ] "Inventory Tweaks" Client Side Mod Blocker [FORMATTED]

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Do you have players who use this client side mod as an advantage in PVP?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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    Plugin category: Fixes, Administration, Anti-Cheat

    Suggested name: NoInventoryTweaks

    A bit about me: I run YASMP @ Pwn9.com Minecraft server, a highly PVP Oriented server. I've been active in the bukkit community and many of my requests have been taken up in the past and developed into plugins by you great plugin developers!

    What I want: I'd like to see a plugin that monitors the usage of a players inventory, toolbar and armor for the client side mod known as InventoryTweaks or other similar mods. In particular these mods allow players to instantly equip a full set of armor, or perpetually load their toolbar with stacks from within their inventory without interruption of using the 'inventory' key and at a rate of speed not humanly possible (think hundreds of snowballs). If the action is occurring too quickly, the action is blocked, logged and printed to those with permission to the N.I.T logs. (Similar to NoCheatPlus)

    Ideas for commands: Config reload, enable/disable monitoring.

    Ideas for permissions: Setting to not be monitored for N.I.T., Setting for chat view of offenses.

    When I'd like it by: The sooner the better, this has become just a big a problem as xray, flying and pvp hacks.

    Similar plugin requests: NoCheat, Anti-PvP Hacks, Anti-Xray

    Devs who might be interested in this: @
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    That "Armor Equip" feature is becoming really nasty in PvP, bump!
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    I agree, I get so many complaints and ban requests where people are like, he wasn't wearing armor when I attacked him and then, poof there it was!
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    - a bump, because I really want this :)
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    Im very busy at the moment, but if i have time, and I can figure out how to do it, I can take it on.
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    Another friendly bump, I hate people who use this to thier advantage
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    It might be possible to do this by blocking certain inventory actions when the player's inventory is not open. Trying to do it based on the last time an action was taken though would return too many false positives I think.
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    Oh that makes good sense. I'm not familiar with the mechanics of the inventory myself, I was surprised that the mod could even equip armor from the inventory with a simple keystroke without opening it. The issue would be is if it actually does open the inventory in some manner. Anyone who would tackle this plugin would have to be familiar with the mechanics of the mod. I believe several of the other hack clients with pvp cheats have variations of this as well.
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    I bet the guy who voted NO runs a creative server.
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    Great mod, so I voted no.

    But yeah, this plugin would be nice for hardcore PvP servers.
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    I'll see what i can do. I'm not familiar with the mod though, so i may not be able to complete it.
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    Deleted user

    I have to agree, InventoryTweaks is a great mod, but I have to say.... it makes me feel.... lazy.
    I can help dev this, but I'll only be overlooking and helping out with a bit, i'm busy with life ATM.
  13. It's impossible to see when a player has his/her inventory open. The client only sends to the server when the player actually does something to the inventory.

    But that doesn't really matter anyway.

    This shouldn't be too hard, I'd just whenever an inventory event happens:
    • save when this happens
    • check what it was. Say it was armor equipping:
    • compare it to the previous time. Too little? then deny it.
    I'm not going to do this, but I wish whoever will luck and fun! :)
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    ah so I was right with my original thought that this would be event time checking, wish I knew java and/or had the time to learn.. I'm an effective PHP developer but just haven't been able to put time together to get into plugin development.
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    Bump, I've had plenty of problems fighting people using these InventoryTweaks when I don't, it gives them much more of an advantage in PvP to where it's almost impossible to win. For example, a player will be able to load up their inventory with Instant HP II Potions and throw as many as he can fit in his inventory without ever having to actually open up his inventory and slowing him down in combat. It basically makes it so he just keeps throwing his HP pots till he runs out or kills the other player who isn't using the InventoryTweaks.

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