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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Horde

    What I want: Hello, I would like to see a plugin that works with MobArena and what it can do is you can place chests in the arena and when a player click the chest it doesn't open but gives the player items to help them fight the zombies and such, as well as a system where when you're in the arena you gain the XP from mobs and can use it to rank up in game to allow new classes. On that note of classes, it would be cool that each rank has its own set of classes and you need to earn that XP to rank up and use the sign.

    Ideas for commands: Maybe you could have /exp stats to see your level progression and such. Some other ones as well , but it doesn't matter because I have Server Signs and that is what I will use most likely.

    Ideas for permissions: A permission for the exp could be exp.player and for the ranks it could be like rank.[name of rank]

    When I'd like it by: I would like to have it as soon as possible.

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    Anyone want to do this?
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    Thats an awesome idea for mob-arena, unfortunately I dont have the time to make this right now.
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    Thanks. Alright.
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    I believe that mob arena has such features. I know that chests are able to be refilled. I'm not sure about the whole XP. Is the XP literally XP (is it the XP orbs)? And you can use it to "rank up in game". Does this mean while playing in the arena, for future playing in the arena, or like a permissions ranking?
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    I know MobArena has a feature but the only problem is you have to open the chest, it would be cool it you just right clicked it and text came up saying you found ITEM(S). Well for XP it would be like once you have level 15 for XP orbs then you can use a command to rank up to the next level and unlock new classes to use in the arena.

    Anyone else interested in doing this?

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