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  1. Hello!

    Maybe you already thought it through, too, but showing the world seed in the client is a major pain in the butt for economy-based servers! I urgently need a plugin that can either supress the sending of the seed or obfuscate it (maybe by sending a false seed?)!

    Can somebody please help me?
    Thanks a lot!

    Edit: Some folks dont see the impact of knowing the world seed on a server! E.g. take the servers seed, load it on your own server or SSP, xray the valuable ressources, grap the coords, go online, grap the ressources via coords to mess up the economy.
    Even easier: Take a mapping tool to show the res.

    Also: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/f3...in-multiplayer-what-were-they-thinking.36555/
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    I dont see why this is useful?
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    Shit, i see the problem now....
    How could they add that -_______-
  5. Edited the first post for those who dont grab the impact of knowing a servers seed!
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    You can use the plugin mineral vein to produce ore deposits very similar to those of vanilla minecraft. You may have to tool around with the settings a bit to get there. I was going to make a post explaining what (I think) each setting will actually translate to in-game.

    Anyway, it lets you reconfigure the strata that ores will spawn at, the size, shape, rarity, and distance between the veins, and each ore can have its own uniquely input seed to generate locations.

    If you're that worried about people finding ores, I would consider using that plugin. And if you have a map that has been around for ages, well... Considering the changes in 1.8 now is a good time to consider a fresh map.

    (I wouldn't use the default values though. They make very large, slightly-too-common ore veins.)
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    I've had users grab the seed and use it to find the fortress locations which is really really shit in my opinion. Knowing that this can be found ruins the whole idea for me and most of the users. It needs to be hidden!
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    Or I could just get an xray texture pack or mod, eliminating the need for any seed related actions.
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    Okay, people still aren't fully grasping how aggravating this is. As long as the seed isn't obfuscated, you can't have complete control over your own server. Here's an example that already happened to me.

    I had put up a new 1.8 vanilla prerelease 1 map, and within a day the only stronghold on the map had been found by a player who used the seed in single player, thereby robbing us all of the fun of finding it ourselves for real (and/or failing to do so). Furthermore, he then stripped all of the mossy bricks out of the area, so that my players couldn't even see what it looked like before it was defiled.

    This sort of thing is completely not okay. If anyone can obfuscate the seed, myself and numerous other admins would happily use the plugin. It would become almost a "must have" on every server that knew what it was doing.
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    I think it is implied that the server owner already has some kind of anti xray/obfuscation of ores.

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    for biome colors, the client HAS to know, if biomes should be shown correctly, and they didn't add it for multiplayer seperatly.
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    Change over to Spout and Spoutcraft may be an option. It hides the co-ords and the seed number so its hard enough that most wont go looking. We're traialing it out now.
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    Only problem with this is that it limits everyone to Spout. That is is you are only white listing Spout clients. You might be able to get everyone on the server to switch to using Spout. However new members will drop severely as Spout is rather young and isn't very popular in the client world of stupid users. Not to mention you currently can't mod Spout (at least without possibly breaking something) and users will QQ about that because they want their minimapz and other shit.
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    You could try using WorldEdit and replacing some ores with others... eg:

    - //pos1 ; //pos2
    - //replace <diamond_ore> <placeholderX>
    - //replace <lapislazuli_ore> <diamond_ore>
    - //replace <placeholderX> <lapislazuli_ore>
    - #Repeat for ore with similar frequency

    Does anyone know the method used to display the seed? That would sure help dev's get rid of this. Maybe contact bukkit too?

    EDIT: Nevermind, aparently bukkit can't do anything
    What about someone writing a worldgen plugin that generates similar worlds to 1.8 but re-arranges the ores? Wouldn't that be possible?

    I don't necessarily mean a Wgen plugin, but something that at least re-arranges the ores so that they are not matching the seed's ores.
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    To be frank the playerbase has shifted so much into the young idiotic children bracket that I'm happy for most of them to move on to another server. For anyone that can actually follow the instructions shows they have some sense! I'm liking it!
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    I... kind of agree lol. When 1.8 came out and my server was not whitelisted and totally vanilla, it was basically Lord of The Flies.

    Buuut if you want to narrow it down to people who can follow instructions, just modify other parts of your server. Like an application.
    Still though, I love spout, and I am hoping it gets better in the future :)
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    We have applications. But people can log in and look around first make sure its something they want to be part of.

    and all the trolls are like 'Y U no let me build?' Even though theres signage and MOTDs to explain.
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    Two things to say: 1 is that no matter how much protection someone puts on their server against xray, noone can completely prevent a hacker or texture-editor from seeing the ores, for the fact remains that they can make their own coding for the mod/plugin, and that they can hack the default texture that you may require into their own xray (not getting technical). Unless you can find a loophole in the copyright so that you can hack it in many different ways in the xray aspect, and find the basic code that is impossible to make an xray mod without (unlikely, may be hacked again and allowed a false code to be set up) then you can't prevent it, because someone is going to find a way to get through your system, possibly an administrative bypass or something of the sort. Point is, someone is always gonna be a better hacker than you, and they will break your encrypt or whatever you may put up. And someone is always going to deceive you with a texture loophole.
    Second thing to say is that, based off of the fact that people are hackers, they are going to find a way to hack you and get your seed, because they can find the root IP (IP from which everything is run from(computer IP not an adress IP)) and then they will get your seed from the server properties! You can't hide from a hacker. They have a lot of time down in their parents' basement when they get serious. You will never be able to completely stop them, only buy time before your server is ruined.
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    Actually, stopping a person from xraying is very easy, orebfuscator does this. Basically what you do is alter the network packets being sent to the client so that they either don't show any ores at all, or the ores get randomised.

    Then, when the player is visibly looking at the ore or can see it thanks to no blocks being between them and the ore, you then send them the proper ores in the network packets for what they can see.

    This fixes the issue of the xray mod and xray texture packs, since they can't do jack if the server is sending false information.

    Also, Mojang already changed it back in like 1.2 or 1.3 so that the world seed isn't sent to the client anymore.

    The world seed also isn't stored in the server properties file, unless you specifically set one. The world seed is randomised whenever a new world is created, and stored in the world level.dat file itself.

    A computer doesn't have a 'Computer IP', there is only an IP Address, unless you are confusing it for a MAC which is the physical address of the network card itself.

    Please fact check what you are saying before you spread false information.
  20. In recent versions of minecraft the seed is not able to be seen in the F3 screen

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